Friday, December 02, 2005

A Word From An Artistic Director

Co-Artistic Director Jenny McConnell Frederick (I swear she added the extra name just to take up more space) sent me this fun little entry for everyone to mull over. I have already spoken to some of the cast regarding this chart and someone claims he hasn't used any of the special friends rates during the run. I am merely the poster not the computator so let the fun begin.

As Eric pointed out in a previous post, this cast and crew is kind, caring and totally cut-throat. All too often in the mamby-pamby artsy-fartsy world of theatre things are left up to subjectivity, but with a cast & crew as competitive as this one, I think it's time to cut to the chase here and get down to cold hard numbers. None of this"beauty is in the eye of the beholder" we have definitive numbers and an indisputable ranking system.

A little bit of insider knowledge here at Rorschach: if you know a cast or crew member personally, they can get you a discount ticket. Some cast members use this privilege on a nightly basis to get a small army of their friends & family into the show at a discount. Several cast members have asked me if they are "abusing the privilege", (there's no such thing--the more the merrier). But of course the next question invariably asked by these driven young artists was: "Who's reserved the MOST?!"

So here you have it: A graph representing the number of discount & comps tickets reserved by each member of the cast and crew.

(I've only provided initials here to preserve an illusion of anonymity.) As you can see there are some clear leaders of which is Mr."Chess?-I-thought-this-was-checkers!" Singdalsen who'll be pleased to note that he's way ahead of his chess nemesis.

On the other hand...maybe it just means that Austin's friends are the kind of cool people who pay full price for their tickets....and we love that.


Anonymous said...

I tried to leave a comment before..
will it work this time?
or will it leave me tragically unhip with two duplicate comments??
ach, blogspot, why do you play with my heart?

so I'm a bit miffed
I wanted to catch up with Bussink.
I gotta get more friends.


Anonymous said...

That's what I get for directing people towards "pay what you can" previews. Armed with this new-found knowledge, I will inspire an army.

DCepticon said...

I don't think anyone should have to catch up with Patrick. I heard Patrick is actually getting other people's friends to come see the show.

Anonymous said...

Dare you attempt to conquer my purple-colored-tower??

"Purple-colored-tower" that's gooood!

Bring. It. On.

Anonymous said...

If you weren't colorblind you would know
that Ellen technically has the 'purple' colored tower.
Yours is more magenta. or fuschia.

and yeah i'm gonna conquer it!

Anonymous said...

hmmm, by this count it evidentally doesn't matter if your "friends" actually show up. of those discounted tickets that I've reserved (admittedly often at the last minute) for people, so far none of the people have made it to the show. I'm still holding out for my buddy next Friday. he'll come this time, I swear!

also, this overlooks that fact that I made my group of 6 family members pay full price.

DCepticon said...
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DCepticon said...

I am sorry this is not a contest over who has the most friends or family who have seen the show, it is over who has to bribe their friends and family to come with cheap tickets.

Commendable work Ellen making your family pay.

Anonymous said...

To be fair, I think this must include cancellations, as well as folks I reserved for who paid full price (like Ellen's family).

Not that I want to diminish the majesty of my err, FUSCHIA-colored-tower.

Anonymous said...

Dammit! And here I thought that my family had come to see me when clearly they came to see Patrick...

Anonymous said...

hmmm, right. would've been clearer had i said "(not unlike ellen's family)". blasted syntax ;)

Anonymous said...

we kept it pretty well but I guess the secret is out!

Anonymous said...

well, i didn't want to break it to you in the comments page, sis, but you're actually adopted.

it was nice of the parentals to let you think they were coming to see YOU though, wasn't it?

love always,


Anonymous said...

hmm, it's odd that they let me keep the honored old family name while you were disowned and forced to use the disgraced name of "bussink".

they must love me more! maybe it's because you decided to become an- actor!

ps. I wanted to hook Gwen up with our other brother, Walt, so that she would be able to marry into the family but she didn't seem interested.

pps. shall I tell everyone about the time you caught your hair on fire?