Thursday, December 20, 2007

Year End Puzzle

Click on the Puzzle. Print it out and have minutes of fun.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I Had the Lasagna

Rahaleh and I spent the night out last night. There was wine and pasta. (By the way the fourth language is Italian.) More importantly we talked the hell out of The Skin of Our Teeth to a group of eager and excited theater goers knows as Footlights.
It was a rare chance to discuss the play not only as a production but also as a piece of literature. So often discussions of shows happen after the show is already opened. Actors, directors and designers have already locked in on what the show means to them and it is more a process of rehashing the table work and rehearsal discussions to a group of folks who have just seen your play. This was a chance to sit down and talk to a group of people who have read the play and get their first impressions on what they think the play is about and how they think that it should be presented.
There were lengthy discussions about the history of the play, about Thornton Wilder and ways in which the play is still relevant. Rahaleh who is directing the show looked on it as an opportunity to get a reading on what audiences will think when they see what promises to be one of Rorschach's most ambitious undertakings.
One high-light of the evening was when of the gentleman in the group shared his memories of seeing the original Broadway production of The Skin of Our Teeth in 1942. His experiences and knowledge of the period gave a keen insight into what it was Wilder was attempting to convey to his audience, as they were just beginning to fight in World War II and had just come out of the Depression.
I just want to take this opportunity to thank Jerry and all of the Footlighters for hosting both me and Rahaleh last night as well as for sharing their opinions and impressions of Skin.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Holiday Letter to Family and Friends

Dear Family and Friends,

It has been another crazy kooky, cracked out year at our house.

Once again we thank you for all the cards and letters to the Governor on Cesar's behalf. Thank God for DNA testing is all I have to say! Whoo!

It was an exciting year for the whole family. Uncle Grady discovered an alternative life style, Cousin Andrew came home from the Gulf, little Timmy lost his job and started hanging out with prostitutes and an infestation of Elizabethans took over the house for a couple of months.

Who can keep all the craziness straight? I know I can't! Maybe if I stopped doing all those whip-its in the lunch room.

The year started off fine. Sister Tracy was living in New York persuing her love of younger men and dramaturgy. When all of a sudden some foreigners started terrorizing her. They burnt down her apartment, and then she was on the run in a flash with this guy with a skin condition, her new teenage boyfriend and Uncle Grady. Grady as I mentioned has found a new lifestyle and is now working at a drag club in Manhattan. Don't worry it is one of those nice places with the drinks with umbrellas that the midwesterners "accidentally" wander into when they are looking for a pay phone. Well long story short, the foreigners hunt them all down at Coney Island and there was some violence. Sister Tracy is alright but there were some deaths.

Cousin Andrew came home from the war this year. It was a long time coming, considering he was coming home from the First Gulf War. His wife Gabi was having terrible dreams and he was having a hard time re-adjusting to civilian life. Poor Andrew! I am pretty sure Gabi was having an affair with someone very high up in the world and was flirting with their teenaged neighbor a little too much. Seems to be a trend these days older women and much younger men. I blame the schools!

As for Brother Timmy, he was living in NYC. I think he was a couple of blocks down from where Tracy was staying. He lost his job, his wife and his sense of purpose and ended up hanging around with one of New York's, well let's just say, ladies of the evening. His wife Jjana was doing the same thing with a mysterious homeless man and she too was having strange dreams. She seemed like such a nice girl. I am not sure what the problem was really, something about her foster mother and fear of leaving the City.

Finally there were a bunch of Elizabethans infesting the house. We tried to set traps but they weren't falling for the bait we were using. We tried everything; beer, lurid poetic images, bloody tragedies and baudy comedies. They were running around naked and bleeding all over everything. I consulted with a lot of experts and it turns out the best way to get rid of Elizabethans is to throw soap and water at them. They can't stand being clean.

And as the year closes I have some sad news. We are leaving our home of the last 6 years. We had some good time and some bad times, but I think in the end it is time to move on. I know that I for one am looking forward to the future and every opportunity it will bring.

Happy Holidays,
The Mad Blogger What Blogs at Midnight

Monday, December 17, 2007

She Once Sold Me the Brooklyn Bridge

So Rahaleh Nassri has directed a show for Studio's 2nd Stage. Rahaleh will be the director of Rorschach's Skin of Our Teeth in the very near future. The Washington Post ran a profile on Rahaleh on Friday and to the left is the picture that ran with the interview, An Unflinching Look at Gangs.

I give the Post reporter credit for running a story about Rahaleh and including the choice details of her various schemes:

She speaks four languages, plays out ornate hoaxes in public -- reading fortunes in espresso grounds in a Swiss cafe, impersonating a would-be spy being recruited in Kramerbooks & Afterwords Cafe -- and has performed with the Washington Shakespeare Company. She can also speak "diplomatically," having earned a degree in international affairs from George Washington University and served as press officer at the French Embassy.

I wish they had asked her about her life as a Russian Madam or the time we tried to convince everyone at Tryst that the bar was running a contest to give away a schooner. Read all about Rahaleh and her other hijinks and art.

Friday, December 14, 2007

We Got Costumes Too

I know we have been making a big deal about the props we will be selling tomorrow at the Rorschach Yard Sale but we also will be selling tons of costume pieces as well.

Just think of all the fun dress up games you can play alone or with a significant other with actual pieces of clothing worn by some of your favorite DC actors.

"Look at me I am Grady Weatherford star of the Beard of Avon!"

"Well I am Gwen Grastorf the sexy grad student from Rough Magic and I can beat you with my Geek Chic Powers of Seduction!"

"No you can't because I will battle you with my Iambs of Steel!"

"Your Elizabethan Poetry Powers are no match for my Short Skirt of Justice!"

"Oh no! Look out it is somone dressed as one of numerous Rorschach actors who have portrayed Satan, including Tim Getman and Matt Dunphy and his Evil Eye of Evilness!"

"And there seems to be someone from Feudal Japan! Could that be Patrick Bussink or Cesar Guadamuz, Fair Ladies in a Really Long Titled Play Costume! Ayee! They will strike us down with their Furious Samurai Vengeance! We are doomed!"

Saturday December 15th from 10-4pm
1459 Columbia Road NW

Think of the hours of fun!

*Not all items mentioned in the above fantasy are available please come to the sale and see what fun things we have hanging on our hangers!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

My Favorite Rorschach Prop

An Essay
Scott McCormick (10 Years Old)

As a young person in this country of ours I am reminded of my favorite Rorschach Theatre prop of all time, Jason Linkin's head.

Jason's head was first used in Master and Margarita when his head was taken off his body by a street car after he slipped in some cooking oil. It got thrown on stage by someone. It was not his real head but a paper mache copy of his head made by a crazy lady who used to work for us.

Jason's head was cool because it was shiny and it was hard. Much like a piece of paper mache fruit my grandma brought back from Mexico when she went on one of those crusies like the Love Boat. Grandma said all she brought back from the trip was that piece of fake fruit and an intestinal bug, which she never was able to shake.

Jason's head has served its role in several other plays since then, but I can't remember them because I was not in them. Jason writes on web sites for a job, which is cool. But wouldn't it be even cooler if we could get Jason's head a job writing on web sites. I suppose someone else would have to type since he has no fingers, but it would be cool to see what he thought about issues of our day in this country, like global warming and whether Britney is an unfit mother.

I miss Jason's head and wish we knew where it was at. I would like to keep it safe for the next time Jason is in a show and we need to cut his head off. Because really cutting his head off would be messy. Did I mention it had a cup in its neck so when you held it upside down you could pretend to drink blood out of it? My friends Grady, Melissa, Tim and I did it once or twice and then Jenny said it was taking too long and only Lindsay should drink out of Jason's head. Oh and the blood we were drinking was supposed to be coming out of Mark Sullivan. It was kind of gross.

Thank you and good bye.


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

More Stuff for Sale

How about we make this into a game of sorts. All of these items are for sale this Saturday at the Rorschach Yard Sale. Before we sell them, let us see who has the best memory. Name which show each of the items came from in the comment section. Some of the items may not have been used in a show at all but originality counts in your answers so let's all play.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Saturday is Yard Sale Day

Let me tell you a story. It is about a theater company that used to move from place to place. Creating in their wake shows that not only were theatrical works but also art installations. Where sets, lights and actors were all temporary additions to old stables, theater lobbies, roof top greenhouses and abandoned high school auditoriums.

About 6 years ago they found another temporary home in church on Columbia Road, NW. It was a space that had been used for punk shows in the past, but it was a unique piece of architecture that really worked with a production of Lord of the Flies we were producing. Long story short we worked it out so we could stay there and use the space 18 more times since the winter of 2002. To many who have worked with Rorschach, that church is the only home they have ever known. For some of us it became a second home. Now, we are moving away from the church and setting off like the vagabonds we have always been in our hearts to new spaces and new shows.

So what does this mean for all of you? We are selling stuff to make room for our future and we want you all to come and share in the past.

This Saturday Rorschach is having a Yard Sale:

Saturday December 15th from 10-4pm @ Rorschach Theatre (Casa Del Pueblo.)
1459 Columbia Rd. NW (between 14th and 15th)

Modern clothing, glassware, random fun for sale as well as costumes and props from old shows. Help us move in style.

No early birds, please.

There are lots of great items for sale and you won't believe the prices.

Looking for weird clothes? WE GOT THEM!
Looking for strange glassware? WE GOT IT!
Looking for a plaster poodle? WE GOT ONE!
Need a pair of roller skates? WE GOT THAT!

So say goodbye Casa and hello future! And help us scrape together a little money for our brand new storage unit.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Snow is Our Enemy

As I wandered the streets of DC today, I am reminded of the monster that stalks all of our region. The constant threat of weather.
In DC we have the memory of a goldfish (Myth-Busters taught me that goldfish do in fact have excellent memories, but for the purposes of this posting lets assume that they forget things every 5 minutes) when it comes to snow. We act like it never happens here and when it does we go immediately into panic mode (insert your own milk, bread and toilet paper joke here).
Is this phenomena of convenience-store-raiding-slow-driving freak out merely a DC experience? No growing up in Baltimore we had the same paniced reaction to any form of percipitation that fell from the skies above. But only in DC we take this experience to near theatrical levels.
I am therefore announcing the First Annual Rorschach Winter Playwriting competition. Write me a five minute play that either attempts to explain the Metro Area's fear of snow or a story that truly embraces the terror that exists within the hearts of natives and carpet baggers alike and I promise you some form of performance. If I get one entry it may be a staged reading in my living room. If I get like 10, I will dedicate an evening to DC Snow Fear.
Do I expect anyone to take up this gauntlet (or mitten)? No! So surprise me and we can all enjoy poking fun at ourselves and especially those people who make all our lives a tortuous winter horror story every time something white hits the pavement.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Final Bow: Kit Marlowe

Because a great cast and crew deserve one final bow:

By David Grimm
Directed by Jessie R. Gallogly

October 28 – December 2, 2007 Previews begin October 25

FEATURING: William Aitken, Tony Bullock, John Brennan, Matt Dunphy, Lee Ordeman, Adam Jonas Segaller, Nick Stevens, Josh Sticklin, Jesse Terrill, Reece Thornbery

DESIGNED BY: Eric Grims (Set), David C. Ghatan (Lights), Emily Dere (Costumes), Veronica Lancaster (Sound), Heather Gaither (Props), Andrew Berry (Assistant Set Design).

STAGE MANAGMENT: Katherine A. Keogh

DRAMATURGY: Rachel Miller and Cynthia Caul (Asst. Dramaturg)


PRODUCED BY:Jenny McConnell Frederick and Randy Baker