Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I Had the Lasagna

Rahaleh and I spent the night out last night. There was wine and pasta. (By the way the fourth language is Italian.) More importantly we talked the hell out of The Skin of Our Teeth to a group of eager and excited theater goers knows as Footlights.
It was a rare chance to discuss the play not only as a production but also as a piece of literature. So often discussions of shows happen after the show is already opened. Actors, directors and designers have already locked in on what the show means to them and it is more a process of rehashing the table work and rehearsal discussions to a group of folks who have just seen your play. This was a chance to sit down and talk to a group of people who have read the play and get their first impressions on what they think the play is about and how they think that it should be presented.
There were lengthy discussions about the history of the play, about Thornton Wilder and ways in which the play is still relevant. Rahaleh who is directing the show looked on it as an opportunity to get a reading on what audiences will think when they see what promises to be one of Rorschach's most ambitious undertakings.
One high-light of the evening was when of the gentleman in the group shared his memories of seeing the original Broadway production of The Skin of Our Teeth in 1942. His experiences and knowledge of the period gave a keen insight into what it was Wilder was attempting to convey to his audience, as they were just beginning to fight in World War II and had just come out of the Depression.
I just want to take this opportunity to thank Jerry and all of the Footlighters for hosting both me and Rahaleh last night as well as for sharing their opinions and impressions of Skin.

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