Wednesday, December 12, 2007

More Stuff for Sale

How about we make this into a game of sorts. All of these items are for sale this Saturday at the Rorschach Yard Sale. Before we sell them, let us see who has the best memory. Name which show each of the items came from in the comment section. Some of the items may not have been used in a show at all but originality counts in your answers so let's all play.


Anonymous said...

oh man.

I don't want to spoil the fun, but I think I touched a few of these items.

1. lamps from the sexy new york apartment in birds.

2. no idea what the fencing mask is from... a bad modern-dress hamlet?

3. titmouse! titmouse cage from fair ladies.

4. I swear those are my shoes from rough magic

5. drag drag drag

6. hmmm... big face... from Behold! maybe? I don't know.

7. was that waitress in behold on skates?

i'm such a nerd.

Anonymous said...

i can't think of anything i love more than a rorschach nerd

DCepticon said...

I love pie a lot.
Very good Gwen. Many things you wrote are correct and others are wrong.
Keep trying people.

Anonymous said...

i can't figure out the fencing mask. and i'm pretty sure i've seen all the shows.

Anonymous said...

What size are those skates?

DCepticon said...

If I had to guess about the fencing mask I would say it was Ubu. And as far as I know Liz never actually wore those skates on stage, they were cut at some point due to road conditions. I am not sure what size the skates are. Does anyone know?

The Trendy Tailor said...

i think they're an 8

Agent X said...

Were the skates possibly left over from the 70s benefit we threw in the hot nasty attic in Adams Morgan? You know - the one over the bathtub store?

And iff we're going that far, can we sell Tim's mustache too?

FRM115 said...

those skates were cut from Behold! but they live on in a series of lovely watercolors of The Waitress in my portfolio.

i am pleased to say they made a return performance as dressing for Zillah's bedroom set in Bright Room Called Day.

i hope no one bought that freak-ass behold face. eeeeeeh!