Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Dressed to Kill

As many of you know my fascination with all things mid-1980s is exhaustive and at times quite boring. Not quite as boring as my rants about how good Columbo was with its use of washed up movie and tv stars with younger versions of now washed up movie and tv stars. But when I pick up the news paper and read that Molly "16 Candles" Ringwald is going to be touring with Sweet Charity, well my jaw just hits the floor and dust bunnies start to roll in my mouth. Her mix of dorky charm and impeccable comedic timing has always made this blogger go yum. Its too soon to know if Ms. Ringwald will be coming to DC, but I personally would be willing to drive as far away as Baltimore to see her.

Sorry went away for a minute. What was I talking about again? Oh Molly Ringwald! She's cool and all. Don't want to seem desperate but you know its no big deal we all have crushes right? I mean she's no Ally Sheedy, but you got to admit that hair and that over bite just make you want to rescue her from Blaine and take her home to Mom. Am I right guys?

Sorry, happened again. Must move on. Control is key. Slow even breaths. . . There I am better now. . .


Back to the topic at hand, meeting your good friends here at Rorschach. Today we have someone who I consider very special. I mean the lovely and talented Ms. Deborah Kim Sivigny.

I have a lovely recount of my first encounter with Deb on another web site, so I won't go into the details here, but if you are interested, go here. Deb has been a part of Rorschach as a designer for quite a while now. Last November you may remember she was asked a rather personal question by Randy Baker in front of a packed house during curtain call for The Beard of Avon. To which she responded in the affirmative, so we all got a big old party to go to.

Deb first designed costumes for The Illusion and has been playing in our yard ever since. She helped with the set design for Ubu Roi, costumes and puppets for After the Flood, and costumes for The Scarlet Letter and Fair Ladies at a Game of Poem Cards.

I think what makes Deb's design work so wonderful is the research she does and then how she takes a style and tweaks it just enough so it no longer is stuffy and old, but modern yet classic. She has worked for around town at big houses and small but she calls Rorschach home. Enjoy!

1. Place of birth?

Seoul, South Korea--adopted at 5 months and transplanted to Connecticut...that's in the USofA.

2. First experience in theatre?

In Kindergarten, I was a Tigger in some classroom sharing show for the parents. I bounced around a lot with twenty kids dressed as Tiggers. In first grade I was an orphan in Annie--which meant chanelling my former life as a baby--a type of method acting. In fourth grade, I made the caterpillar costume for James and the Giant Peach and was hooked.

3. Where you went to school?

I'm a Middlebury graduate, specifically known as a "Feb." I began and ended my college career in February. I have an MFA from the University of Maryland in costume design, which means I survived the teachings of Prof. Helen Huang for 3+ years

4. What do you do?

I'm a designer.

5. What was your first experience with Rorschach?

Officially, I was the costume designer for The Illusion, but unofficially, I sewed drapes for God of Vengeance from 11 to 2 in the morning.

6. Company member you would most like to be if you were not yourself?

I would be Yasmin--my doppelganger. I'm halfway there already...

7. Some story about working on a Rorschach play that either made you laugh or touched you deeply?

Before designing After the Flood, Randy Baker and I travelled to Malaysia together on vacation. I took pictures, people watched, studied the crafts and villages and drank a lot of Tiger beer. To see the first hand on-site research manifest itself on-stage in the characters was truly magical for me.

8. Where do you think Rorschach will be in the next ten years?

I hope that we become the most well-known ambassadors for young, visceral, thought-provoking theatre--in a space of our own design, working on an international scale and challenging the populace with the work that we do.

9. What is your favorite Rorschach show that you were not in?

Family Stories

10. Scott McCormick harmless adolecent or world conquering super villain?

World-conquering-harmless adolescent-super villian.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Donde Esta el Grady?

I just received my invite for the first read through of A Bright Room Called Day this morning and boy was I excited to note the start time. 9 a.m. on a Saturday. Oh the long hours of sleep we lose to theater. How much simpler it would be to lie in bed on what will probably be a cold windy weekend morning, than to drag yourself over to Casa for the first rehearsal. But you do it because you know you will get a whole lot of grief if you don't. With the day drawing near I thought it might be time to meet one of the cast. Meet the man who has been a cat, a bard and a rhinoceros for Rorschach Theatre. Grady.

J. Grady Weatherford. The name just bodes doesn't it? Of all the Company Members of Rorschach, Grady is the one who I have known the longest. He will fire your righteous indignation and will tell you lots of things you didn't know you wanted to know. I think passionate would be a great word to start any description of this man. He appeared in Rorschach's very first show, The Hairy Ape. Since then he has appeared in Rhinoceros, The Illusion, JB, Master and Margarita, Behold! and The Beard of Avon. He has directed Lord of the Flies, Family Stories: A Slapstick Tragedy and Accidental Death of an Anarchist. I will allow him to tell you the rest of the stuff he has done for Rorschach over the years.

Next he will play a one-eyed Hungarian revolutionary in A Bright Room Called Day. He told me he has already started his research by walking around with one eye closed. Here is a man who is even willing to sacrifice depth perception for his art. Like Grady always says "If it doesn't hurt you aren't doing it right." Enjoy!

1. Place of birth?

Richmond, VA, the Capital of the Confederacy

2. First experience in theater?

I was first on stage at age 10 in the title role of You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown in the 5th grade, but my first paid theatre experience would not come until the age of 12 playing the donkey in The Butterfingers Angel at the Barksdale Theatre in Hanover, VA.

3. Where you went to school?

University of Maryland, at College Park. Go Terps!

4. What do you do?

Actor, director, fight choreographer, graphic design, and multi-media design.

5. What was your first experience with Rorschach?

I went to a show at Theatre J with Andrew Price. Afterward we went to a "party" at Andrew's friend Randy's house. The party was really more of an organizational meeting for some kind of Theatre Company that had no name. A couple of weeks later I was asked to audition for a production of The Hairy Ape. I think you can use the website to find out where that falls in the timeline. Look for me; I'm the dirty one.

6. Company member you would most like to be if you were not yourself?

Rahaleh, everyone wants to live a life of luxury.

7. Some story about working on a Rorschach play that either made you laugh or touched you deeply?

That's really hard. I could say getting stuck behind the door with Richard Kirkwood at the beginning of JB extending the beginning by 10 minutes, or working on Family Stories at the beginning of the Iraq War, but the single most significant personal experience I've had was Accidental Death of an Anarchist. Working on the script with the cast, doing "talking points" discussion for an hour at the beginning of rehearsal, getting to be around so many people that I loved and respected for the entire two month rehearsal process, then living out the actors nightmare for the last three performance and going on for the now world famous Karl Miller with 24 hours of preparation. I may never have another theatrical experience as intense as I did working on that play.

8. Where do you think Rorschach will be in the next ten years?

Performing in the back of a Starbucks, but not just any Starbucks, but the Starbucks National Museum for Lost and Declining Art Forms! Corporations will buy anything. I mean everything. I mean, really successful, like moving into our own building and generating wildly successful and artistically satisfying shows Jenny will you and Randy let go of my throat now please.

9. What is your favorite Rorschach show that you were not in?

Hmmm. I will answer in the spirit of the question, as I assume you want this question to apply to those who are directors and designers as well, A Clearing in the Woods.

10. Scott McCormick harmless adolescent or world conquering super villain?

Adolescent super villain

Friday, February 24, 2006

Bit Off More . . .

That master of merriment. The clown prince of bits. Hair like silver, voice like a slightly dyspeptic angel, more rhymes than Abe Vigoda and a man who would take a pie in the face for you in a fight. The man the myth the legend Mr. Michael John Casey is today’s Rorschachian of note.

MJ went equity a couple of years back and I remember him telling me that most people congratulated him. Jenny McConnell Frederick told him he was now dead to her. It's that kind of love and support that makes all of us soar like eagles. He has done the impossible and works regularly, despite Jenny's words of encouragement. He finished up his second year playing Bob Cratchit in
Ford's Theatre's A Christmas Carol. He also pulled an Elizabeth Berkeley in Show Girls move and went on as Scrooge for a couple of performances. Last year he was in Othello at Shakespeare Theater. He has appeared in two Rorschach shows A Clearing in the Woods and Ubu Roi. In Ubu his death scene is still something they teach actors not to do.

If I could only use one word to describe this man it would be "Committed." If I got to use two more words I would add "Should" and "Be." Mr. Michael John Casey!

1. Place of birth?

Rochester, NY

2. First experience in theater?

Sixth Grade. The King and I at the all-girls high school my sisters attended. My twin brother Mark and I were sons of the king and shared one line of dialogue. I had suggested we be put into a pair of large pants thereby making us conjoined (Siamese) twins of the king of Siam. I thought it would be hilarious. It was my first suggested "bit." It was rejected. They had no idea I would simply think of more, the fools!

3. Where you went to school?

St. Pius X Elementary, McQuaid Jesuit High School (editor: Where they are currently presenting My Fair Lady, tickets are still available), Nazareth College of Rochester, Catholic University of America. . . anything you want to know about Catholicism and education, I'm your man.

4. What do you do?


5. What was your first experience with Rorschach?

Saw God of Vengeance and performed in A Clearing in the Woods

6. Company member you would most like to be if you were not yourself?

Jason Stiles. I hate him and if I were him I could get do a lot of self loathing. Dinner and a show!

7. Some story about working on a Rorschach play that either made you laugh or touched you deeply?

The first time Jenny told me I could be fired and "replaced by a sock puppet." I replied with, "It would have to be one hell of a sock."

8. Where do you think Rorschach will be in the next ten years?

In a new space with more subscribers.

9. What is your favorite Rorschach show that you were not in?

(tie) JB, Master & Margarita

10. Scott McCormick harmless adolescent or world conquering super villain?

Ha! Trick question! Harmless super villain.

Scotty, can there be an eleventh question of 11. Would you rather......

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Intelligent Designer

He is straight man with a sense of style that makes some women gush. His trademark glasses and wry sense of humor make him like a male version of Edith Head, if she designed lights and sets. Having worked on the designs of several Rorschach shows David Ghatan is one of those designers who keeps saying yes to us and we are all the richer for it (Not monitarily but spiritually, yeah, definetly spriritually). Having worked on the sets of Ubu Roi and Master and Margarita. The lights for Family Stories and The Scarlet Letter. And the double duty of lights and sets for The Beard of Avon. David Ghatan everyone!

1. Place of birth?

Red Sox Nation- AKA Boston

2. First experience in theater?

A crying son of a Holocaust victim in a jewish summer camp play.

3. Where you went to school?

Me and half the population of New Jersey went to George Washington

4. What do you do?

Designer of scenery and Lighting, mister fix-it, guru (of what, you'll have to guess), artist of the con persuasion

5. What was your first experience with Rorschach?

Parties. But then being asked to co-design Ubu with 2 weeks to go before opening.

6. Company member you would most like to be if you were not yourself?

So many good choices, can it be one of those human animal hybrids though?
Likely JennRady because I could be in charge, sort of, there would be two of me though, that could be weird.

7. Some story about working on a Rorschach play that either made you laugh or touched you deeply?

-Threatening to kill a co-designer after 1st dress because we didn't agree on the design.

- Buying all the Osbourne's bobble head dolls from 7-11 during the tech for Family Stories.

8. Where do you think Rorschach will be in the next ten years?

Ruling the world... isn't that what we try to do every night?

10. Scott McCormick harmless adolecent or world conquering super villain?

See my answer to #8

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

DCeiver Meets Dcepticon

There are two power houses of nature behind the this here blog. One of them is your's truly and the other is a man who seems to be on the hit list of at least a dozen people on the internet and local club scene. His reviews of the television programs 24 and Lost have become the stuff of legend. He's so good there is at proof of at least one member of the blogging community trying to pass his material off as their own.

Jason Linkins is the man responsible for our slick black look and the ease with which I get to post to this here blog. His blog The Deceiver is one of the first things I check out on the internet each morning and a couple of times later in the day just in case.

An actor of no small accomplishment, he has appeared in three Rorschach shows, Master and Margarita, The Scarlet Letter and Behold! Recently he has become my favorite curtain speech provider and I consider him a close friend. And he has taken on the 10 questions and answered them the only way a mad genius can. Enjoy!

1. Place of birth?

I was born in Washington, DC at the now defunct Columbia Hospital for Women.

2. First experience in theater?

I am part of a large subset of people currently working in theatre who began the journey with a simple hope in mind--that by doing so, it might present circumstances that favored my chances of having sexual intercourse with a specific person. Like many who seek this path, my hopes of nailing that certain someone fell to ruin, leaving me with a theatrical career that I had to answer for. Thankfully, I am now regularly banging a talented actress in addition to being a Rorschach Company Member, so: Mission Accomplished, my dirties.

3. Where you went to school?

As anyone who spends more than four seconds with me quickly realizes, I bleed the blue and orange blood of the University of Virginia. However, it was the faculty of Virginia Commonwealth University who played the most significant role in my training. It was also at VCU that I met Jenny, Randy, and a significant number of Randy's ex-girlfriends.

4. What do you do?

I am a member of the acting company. I code the Rorschach blog. I do my best to aid and abet all of Rahaleh's tiny deceptions. I continually point out that Hugh Owen's pants are more expensive than my car. I delight audiences with veiled threats at curtain speech time. I have not, nor will I ever, contribute to Liz Chomko's delinquency, okay Liz's mom? Outside of Rorschach, I write my fingers to the nub for The DCeiver and DCist.com. Last winter, Ana Marie Cox allowed me the opportunity to rant my ass off over at Wonkette. I listen to Canadian indie rock. I watch Lost and anything Amy Poehler is in. I stay up too late. I have a cat named Talullah.

5. What was your first experience with Rorschach?

Auditioning for Rhinoceros. Poorly, I might add.

6. Company member you would most like to be if you were not yourself?

With all due respect, I don't really want to be any of them. But it's an extraordinary blessing to get to work with and learn from all of them. The company is packed, stem to stern with some of the people I've long admired since returning to Washington. The foursome who appeared in The Illusion are reason enough to want to be a part of Rorschach. I think one of the very first people I rehearsed with at Rorschach, was Tim Getman, a guy who raises the stakes in a scene just by walking out on the floor. He may not realize it, but I really try to take everything Grady Weatherford says to me to heart. Karl Miller is like a kind of crack that doesn't hurt people, divide families or inspire drecky movies like New Jack City. But, of course, for me, it all boils down to Scott McCormick. We are superfly dynamite in a show together. Just check the receipts, baby.

7. Some story about working on a Rorschach play that either made you laugh or touched you deeply?

I had been told that, to Russians of the latter half of the 20th Century, there was no text more dear to them than Bulgakov's Master and Margarita, but simply being told that didn't compare at all to experiencing their reaction firsthand. It seemed like every Russian-born person in the area come out to see that show, and it was profoundly amazing to hear them talk about the novel and what it meant to them. If I had the chance to restage any single play that I'd done before, it would be that one--however, I would endeavor to add the one thing that was missing from the experience: central air conditioning.

8. Where do you think Rorschach will be in the next ten years?

Near a Bed Bath and Beyond, it would seem.

9. What is your favorite Rorschach show that you were not in?

Some years ago, I ended up having to choose between remaining in a show and standing up for just about every moral and ethical precept I hold dear. I chose the latter, but, while it was important to do so, it was nevertheless a vast and disillusioning thing. About a week later, I went to go see Family Stories, and its near indescribable awesomeness went miles toward putting everything right with me again. A few hours after seeing it, it was like all the world's asininity had vaporized. Plus, later that evening, I bumped into Blelvis, and had a long conversation, making it the Best Night Ever. Soon after, Jenny invited me to join Master and Margarita, a decision she would come to regret, I imagine.

10. Scott McCormick harmless adolecent or world conquering super villain?

Wait! I was under the impression that Scott was going to be the next person to propose to a company member at opening night of Season 7! If that's not the case, world conquering super villain.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Profiles to Discourage

I set my fellow company members a task and so far 6 of them have accepted the challenge. I set them a list of questions and asked them to answer them. They all got the same questions and I told them they could be funny or not. I will post their reponses here and remember they really do love one another.

First on the block is one of our two Artistic Directors Jenny McConnell Frederick. She had this to say to the blog:

1. Place of birth?

The recently demolished Columbia Hospital for Women, right here in DC on election day of our great nation's bicentennial.

2. First experience in theater?

"Directing" my brother and cousins in reinactments of Brady Bunch episodes during Sunday family dinners at my grandparent's house....it wasn't just Brady Bunch episodes...sometimes it was really more like a variety show. The dog was occasionally the recipient of my directorial genius as well. (see photo)

3. Where you went to school?

The aptly named Chatterbox Nursery School, then rode the short bus (seriously) to the Gifted and Talented program at Springfield Estates, followed up by requisite pathetic Jr. High experience at Mark Twain, then on to Hayfield Secondary School where I won the Best Actress Award for my stunning portrayal of the disfigured Junie Moon in Tell Me That You Love Me, Junie Moon, (played by Liza Minnelli in the film version...we're so alike!) And from there I went to Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond--urban living with training wheels.

4. What do you do?

Direct, Produce, Write Checks, Sweep, Buy the Concessions, Feed the Actors, Stamp and Label the Postcards, Write Thank You Notes, Beg For Volunteers, Sweep, Mop, Narrowly Avoid Eviction, and Boss Scott Around...in no particular order.

5. What was your first experience with Rorschach?

Probably late 1998 or early 1999 when Randy told me he and our friend Jason were thinking of producing The Hairy Ape and calling themselves Poor Tom Productions. I think I said something tactful like "That's a stupid name. We can think of a better one." "They" become "We" and the rest is history.

6. Company member you would most like to be if you were not yourself?

Rahaleh. You know why.

7. Some story about working on a Rorschach play that either made you laugh or touched you deeply?

(This story did both...)

After a performance of God of Vengeance (about play about pimps, lesbians and prostitutes around the turn of the century), when a woman in her seventies came up and said to me, "You make Lesbianism look so inviting! I'm thinking of taking my friend Myrtle home with me tonight!"

8. Where do you think Rorschach will be in the next ten years?

I have lots of big ideas.....

(If you'd like to make a contribution to Rorschach Theatre's Jenny's Big Idea's Fund you can go to

9. What is your favorite Rorschach show that you were not in?

All of them...Rorschach NEVER casts me. They suck.

10. Scott McCormick harmless adolecent or world conquering super villain?

Are those my only two choices?

Monday, February 20, 2006

Blessed Be the Ties that Bind

Well fair readers yet another Rorschach production comes to a glorious ending. Above is a photo of the various knots that held our costumes together during the run. Final four performances were some of the sweetest, much the same way that Hollywood's elite would show up for Frank, Sammy and Dean's shows we were graced by many of our own personal Rat Packs. Therefore the funny parts were funnier and the sweet parts sweeter and it was a nice way to leave a very special show. Some people cried, others were to overwhelmed to cry and some tried to cry but found that they had lost the ability because of some government experiments they subjected themselves to in the mid-90s to make a couple of bucks.

We will not be starting rehearsals for A Bright Room Called Day by Tony Kushner (Previews start April 19th) for a couple more weeks but I am going to do my best to give you a little more information about the company members mixed in with some original commentaries as the mood strikes me.

And now because a great cast and crew always deserves a second bow, here were the people who made Fair Ladies at a Game of Poem Cards possible:

Cast: Patrick Bussink, Nelina Giridhar, Gwen Grastorf, Cesar A. Guadamuz, Jai Khalsa, Scott McCormick, John-Michael MacDonald, Paul McLane, Rahaleh Nassri, Ghillian Porter, Yasmin Tuazon, Al Twanmo

Design and Production: Debra Kim Sivigny (Costume Design), Nathaniel John Sebastian Sinnott (Set Design), Justin Thomas (Light Design), Matthew Frederick (Sound Design), Amy Kleist (Technical Director), Sharon King and Lindsey Ruehl (Stage Managers)

Director: Randy Baker

Producer: Jenny McConnell Frederick

Thank you all and remember once you have done a Rorschach show all other theater experiences will seem dull in comparison, for good or bad.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Last Dance and Last Chance

Four Shows left folks and then we are out of here. Enjoy the weekend everyone and thanks for the memories. See you on Monday everyone else.

Lessons in Power Ball

Just four performances left of Fair Ladies people. Can we say last chance to see? Can we say hot samurai lovin'? No seriously, can I say that? Tickets are still available but it is the last weekend so I don't know how much longer that will be true. Call 1-800-494-TIXS or visit Box Office Tickets and use the ticket code "PAUL" and get a $12 ticket. That is a third off the regular price.

Mean time welcome to all of the people from DCeiver and from Theaterboy for coming on by the house for a visit. Remember to take your shoes off, we don't like scuff marks on the new floor. And what you are smelling right now if a candle my mom gave me for Christmas. Do you like it? Its something called Fresh Cookies. Wild huh?

As I stare out my work window here on Wisconsin Ave. there is a line starting to form outside of the Rodman's Discount Food and Drug. Fox 5 has set up their cameras to document this mass gathering of people who don't appreciate the odds of winning the $350 million dollars are 1 in 146,107,962. These men and women will stand in line for about an hour to put down a dollar or twenty to win a prize so big that it will move them into a higher tax bracket.

Imagine if you will what I, the member of a small theater company would do if I won all of that money.

1. First off I would get me a really hot girlfriend. Sorry if I am going to do something for the company I need to do something for me first. And she would love me because I am smart, funny, talented and I have like $200 million dollars after taxes.

2. Everyone in the company would go on payroll. I would then expect them to dedicate themselves fully to the company and its goals. Jenny and Randy would completely maintain their positions of authority, I would only make a few small requests and they could either implement them or not. No big deal. Did I mention I would be paying them? I think they should keep that in mind when I make my suggestions. I mean I am not really the kind of guy who would threaten somebody's job if I didn't get my way, but I just think that might be something they would want to keep in mind when they are making plans. Forget I said anything. You guys just keep on doing what you are doing and I will write the checks . . . if I remember. You know what makes me remember? Being happy. And you know what makes me happy?

3. All costumes and set will be made of the finest materials. Fine silks and expensive teaks will fill the space. None of this theater scrimping you hear about, if there is a cheap alternative well we will say no thanks and spend amazing amounts of money on things like leather pants and revolves even if the director doesn't want them. And I don't mean some clunky revolve left over from some Les Mis touring company, I mean the best revolve you can buy. Something they worked on at NASA or for some sort of medical research. And all of our silks will be made using the silk of specially trained silk worms that will be housed in a small village I have purchased in a yet to be determined third world nation. I am not talking sweat shop here people, all of the kids will be paid a fair and equitable wage.

4. Finally I will buy us a space. Something with a retractable roof so we can do outdoor trauma in the summer would be nice.

See I don't think money would change me one bit. Lines forming pretty fast across the street, it may be too much hassle.

Thursday, February 16, 2006


Tonight starts the final weekend of performances of Fair Ladies. And with all the fussing and feuding going on in a world where the Vice President of the United States is going around shooting lawyers, we could all do with a little more samurai lovin'. (Apologies to our Repubican Reader, I wrote that last sentence to be topical. Apprently it gets the blog extra hits if you talk about Dick Chaney, Britney Spears or something called Brrreeeport.)

But enough of my own left wing agenda for world domination, today is the day I make my mind up about who wins the Caption Contest. Once again here is the photo and here is the winning caption:

Anonymous said...

Nelina: I TOLD YOU never to touch me there!

Takeguchi: He just touched ME there and I'm still lovin' it.

Now I would reward this person if I knew who they were. Anonymous posters always slink around the blog and once again don't get the credit they deserve. Because I don't know who this poster was, the prize goes to the second place winner:

ninja twin #2 said...

Nelina Giridhar. Slapping men stupid since 1983.

Both of these captions are winners in my book because the don't just take into account the action in the foreground but also try and explain what the hell is going on with Patrick in the background. Well done everyone who played along and as soon as I remember which of you is ninja #1 and which is ninja #2 you will receive your coke, either fortified or not.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Day After VD

So that was a show and a half ladies and gentlemen. Valentine's Day Show had the flavor of family and friends last night. Gwen's exceedingly adorable posse of family and friends were there last night to give a cast the love that they so richly deserve. Plenty of young couples to fill out the audience and make the evening well worth the sacrafice of our own Valentine's Day Plans. For some of us that would have been sitting at home watching television, so probably it was a good thing we got out.

I am going to harp on this a little bit, but there are only five performances of Fair Ladies left. I know if you are a regular reader of this blog, and you aren't in the cast, you have probably already seen the show at least once. If I am wrong about that, well I am shocked, I don't know why you would be slumming here if you weren't a little curious about the monster we have created.

Tomorrow I will be announcing the winner of the Caption Contest. So if you still want to participate scroll down and leave your caption for the photo of John-Michael, Nelina and Patrick. Remember there is a valuable liquid based prize on the line so please leave me some way of knowing who the post belongs to, so you may receive your just reward.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine's Day Special

In honor of that day so special that Rorschach decides to add a show to an already busy schedule, I have decided to take a trip down memory lane. Rorschach has always been a theater in love with love and the best way to quantify this love is to make a list of some sort. Here is my list of the top five Rorschach Romances of all time:

5. Mere and Pere Ubu in Ubu Roi - (Scott McCormick and Dan Via) - This crazy couple of kids only wanted one thing out of life, Absolute Power. Is that so much to ask? Willing to kill for one another this couple comes in at number five because they are one of the only married couples to actually stay together in a Rorschach Play.

4. Ethan and Alice in After the Flood - (Jason Lott and Anne Bowles) - Ah, love and puppets were in the air when these two high school friends rediscover one another. Ethan tries to figure out what the hell he is doing with his life in the jungles of Malaysia and Anne tries to slap some sense into the boy. Featuring a very sexy scene in their underware and the repetition of the word Monsoon. Mon-soooon!

3. The Master and Margarita - (Scott Graham and Lindsay Allen) - A couple so great they have a whole play named after them. He likes to burn manuscripts and hang out in insane asylums. She flies through the night terrorizing the country side and dancing with the dead. They had a love that even the devil would envy. And in the grand tradition of all great loves they are together forever.

2. Hester and Dimsdale in The Scarlet Letter - (Rahaleh Nassri and Jay Dunn) - Sure he is an ineffectual coward and she a adultorous loner, but their's was a love that made the religious right cry. Their love also spawns the wonder that is Pearl. In the end, despite the body count, theirs has been a love that sophomore's across America have read about for almost two centuries. Not bad for a a minister and a girl who happens to be good with a needle.

1. Calisto/Clindor/Theogenes and Meibea/Isabelle/Hippolyta in The Illusion - (Grady Weatherford and Rahaleh Nassri) - Over the course of an evening these two fall in and out of love three times. Facing every love that the world can throw at them. He kills for her, she lies for him and in the end what really happened? We are all trying to figure it out, but there is no denying it, they are a love for all times.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Photo Caption Contest and The Winter Olympiad

It's Photo Caption Contest Day here at the blog! Post your best caption for the above picture taken by blog special photo-correspondent Gwen and I will by you a coke. And if you are over 21 I might even put a little something in the coke. Tell me what you think is going on between Nelina and John-Michael in the above photo and if you are feeling really creative what the hell Patrick is doing in the background and you can win. Post your caption to the comments section of this post or email them to the blogger. Good luck!

Very responsive and fun crowd last night. There was one guy who was laughing at some stuff we didn't even know was funny. Remember this weekend would be a great time to catch Fair Ladies with the $10 ticket offer when you mention this post for the Friday 8pm and Saturday 5pm and 8pm shows. Keep in mind that there is always a rush the final weekend and the show has been selling out.

So in case you were planning on staying home tonight to watch the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics, I will save you some time. There will be no ice skating. It's like 65 degrees in Turin right now so there will be a lot of talk about there not being any snow. Then they will repeat the fact that there isn't any snow a couple of more times before they trot Luciano Pavarotti out of retirement to sing something in Italian so most of us won't even understand it. There will be absolutely no mention of the 1969 film classic The Italian Job staring Sir Michael Caine filmed in Turin (and I don't care what NBC says, it is Turin if you speak English not Torino). They will once again talk about there being no snow. And North and South Korea will put aside their differences for one night as they march into the stadium as a group, before they go back home to plot the destruction of one another.

Good times?

No get on over to Rorschach before I have get all Boitano on your ass!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Hurts so Good

A.) Ghillian is helping Rahaleh put on her costume for another performance of Fair Ladies.

B.) Ghillian is removing a particullarly stuborn stain from Rahaleh's kimono.

C.) Paul is looking at the new pair of shoes I got at Target, Ghillian and Rahaleh just happen to get in the way.

D.) Something I can not discuss on a family web site.

Second to last weekend for Fair Ladies at a Game of Poem Cards starts tonight. Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 8pm. And Saturday and Sunday at 5pm. We are offering a $10 ticket special at the door this weekend, mention this post at the door and get a ticket for nearly half off the regular price. Bring a friend and it's like two for one. This offer is not good for the Sunday 5pm show.

Also remember if you still need to make plans with your sweety or just need some out of the house time on Tuesday Night, we have a special Valentine's Day performance. Visit our web site for how to order tickets or call 1-800-494-TIXS.

A.) Cesar considers the challenges of his role as a young Samurai in love.

B.) Cesar runs through his fight moves before the performance.

C.) Cesar is concerned about the plight of the quickly vanishing frog and toad species around the world.

D.) Cesar is trying to remember if he is wearing clean underwear.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Artistic Director Jenny McConnell Frederick on the Helen Hayes Nominations

You know there are many of us that feel robbed this time of year. If you are one of those people take comfort in the fact that we all feel robbed together and can then get really drunk at the after party (or for some of us during the ceremony) and end up making out with someone we shouldn't. It's all good! Here is a message from one of our Artistic Directors on just how we at Rorschach faired in the race for the honor so great it was named after the star of Airport '70, the Helen Hayes.

Congratulations to Rorschach Company Members who kicked-ass at the Helen Hayes Nominations (ok...not so much for their work at Rorschach....but kicking ass is kicking ass!)

Nominated Company Members:
Lindsay Allen, Outstanding Supporting Actress,
An Experiment with an Air Pump
Karl Miller, Outstanding Lead Actor, columbinus
Michael John Casey (Kathleen Akerley & Ensemble) for Outstanding Choreography for
shkspr prjct

Shows you guys were in that got nominated:
(**ok...I'm SURE I'm going to miss something here...so forgive me!)

PASSION PLAY (featuring Karl Miller)
Outstanding Set Design
Outstanding Supporting Actress (Polly Noonan)
Outstanding Lead Actor (Felix Solis)
Outstanding New Play

DAMN YANKEES (featuring Tracy Olivera)
Outstanding Musical
Outstanding Musical Direction
Outstanding Supporting Actor (Larry Redmond)
Outstanding Supporting Actress (Kay Walbye)
Outstanding Lead Actor (Brad Oscar)
Outstanding Lead Actress (Meg Gillentine)

HANNAH & MARTIN (featuring Rahaleh Nassri)
Outstanding Director
Outstanding Lighting Design
Outstanding Lead Actress Resident Play (Elizabeth Rich)
Outstanding Play

COLUMBINUS (featuring Karl Miller)
Outstanding Director
Outstanding Sound Design
Outstanding New Play
Outstanding Play

BIG DEATH & LITTLE DEATH (featuring Scott McCormick)
Outstanding New Play

EXPERIMENT WITH AN AIR PUMP (featuring costumes by Deb Sivigny and lights by David Ghatan)
Outstanding Supporting Actress (Lindsay Allen)

ELECTRA (featuring costumes by Deb Sivigny)
Outstanding Lead Actress (Jen Mendenhall)

Congrats, you guys! Randy and I feel really proud and lucky to have you all as Rorschach Company Members.
(And extra congrats to anyone I forgot!) Full list of nominees is online at the Helen Hayes web site



Also congralations to all of the Rorschach Alums who were nominated this year:

Kathleen Akerley, Jonathon Church, Melissa-Leigh Douglass Outstanding Choreography, Resident Production, shkspr prjct
Colleen Delany, Outstanding Supporting Actress, Resident Play, Othello
Mark Sullivan, Outstanding Lead Actor, Resident Play, After Ashley

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Gwen Takes the Photos

Ms. Gwen Grastorf oft time photo contributor and frequent commentor on this here blog sent me a message and a link to her photo collection from the show. She will have like a hundred shots of the process of putting this show together. Today I share her message and some of her shots. Bless you Gwen, bless you indeed. Remember folks just two more weekends for Fair Ladies.

I'm waiting to finish this album since i figure i'll have thirty or more pics before the run is up. either way, here is what i have so far. You are the blogmasta and you need hot shots. Rock out! - Gwen

Monday, February 06, 2006

St. Valentine's

Valentine's Day, kissing in a dark theater, hot love scenes in shadow and secret trysts.

I never recommend to anyone how they should get their lovin' but I think I know a good way to show someone you love a little culture and romance. Come see Fair Ladies at a Game of Poem Cards.

Men, do you love your partner and want them to be realize what a romantic sap you can be sometimes?

Women, is your partner really into movies with martial arts battles?

This is the Rorschach that brings both your fight lovers and your love lovers together in a beautiful evening of forbiden hidden love.

Continuing the tradition that Rorschach started last year with The Scarlet Letter, we are giving up our Valentine's Day to do a show for all of you out there.

And if you are spending your VD alone (and who isn't these days) this is a good chance to get out of the house before you start burning boxes of love letters. There is no need to burn things if you can spend the night watching a smokin' hot cast burning up the stage. (God I will go almost anywhere to make a simile.) Visit here for tickets or call 1-800-494-TIXS.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Beck and More Internet Love

A very good review for the show is up at Potomac Stages web site. Here is a quote that sums up the lovin' we got from Brad:

Once the lights dim, the costumes confirm the ancient setting but the predominantly occidental cast make no effort to hide the fact that their names are Guadamuz, MacDonald, Porter and McCormick as well as Twanmo, Tuazon, Nassri and Khalsa. The performance style is both rigidly formal and freely energetic, a mix that is difficult to accomplish but which Baker's cast achieves quite well.
- Potmac Stages

Next I would like to discuss the song from the pre-show music that seems to be trapped in the heads of nearly everyone in the cast. Beck's Heaven Hammer with its sort of strange ether cords and haunting vocals has become a moment of calm before the performance.

Thank you Mr. Beck for all of your mid-80s inspired music which pulls on the strings of this young boy from Baltimore's heart strings and fills me with the images of my first slow dance in middle school with Alexi Coutrous, it was to Time After Time by Cindy Lauper. I miss you Alexi!

Enjoy the song!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

We're Back and a Word from the Playwright

Hello everybody and welcome to the third weekend of runs for Fair Ladies at a Game of Poem Cards. Here is a link to the playwright Peter Oswald's interview in The Guardian from July of last year. Talks about being the guy still writing in verse.

Remember we have shows for tonight, Friday and Saturday at 8pm. We sold out the last two shows and we expect the same sort of traffic this weekend. But just to sweeten the deal and how much sweeter could the deal get when you have faces like these in the show, if you mention the blog tonight when you come to buy a ticket at the door, you will get a ticket for $12. That's a third off the usual price of $18. I know many of you will want to be home to watch Dancing with the Stars but if you want to see people really taking their life in their hands, come on down to Casa for some hot Samurai Loving®.

®Samurai Loving is a trade mark of Rorschach International and is distributed by Second Right Productions.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

5 Questions With Yasmin Tuazon

Rorschach Company Member, Poster Girl, Bikram Yoga Instrustor and closet anarchist, Yasmin Tuazon took some time out of what I know is a schedule literally packed with . . . stuff. Yasmin portrays the blogger's sister the Lady Tonase in Fair Ladies at a Game of Poem Cards. She has worked with Rorschach before in God of Vengeance, The Illusion and J.B. She can often be found at neighborhood Jamba Juice stands and recently in my living room watching the Magnificent Seven with me and Al Twanmo. Join me in this rare and carefully scripted interview with the woman who makes members of the postal service nervous.

1. Name the last movie you saw that reminded you of your Mother?

I know it's cliche, but if the shoe fits... Return of the Jedi.

2. Winter is the time of sweaters and hats, where do you get all of your sweaters?

Since the sudden liquidation of Sweater Barn, I no longer get all my sweaters in one place. I must forage for my sweaters wherever I can. This time of year it's pretty competitive, as you might imagine.

The ethical and environmental issues do concern me. According to a study released last year by the World Wildlife Fund, a surge in polar-tek fleece numbers has brought sweaters closer to the endangered list than we ever thought possible. Over-hunting threatens the delicate ecological balance of natural sweater habitats. If the sweater population dwindles, the otter and scarf populations swell. This in turn puts a strain on the natural wool resources; angry sheep consume more grass and buttons. Before you know it, rainforests, hoodies, and the llama are all affected.

On the other hand, I oppose the factory farming of sweaters. Without unilateral health regulations worldwide, many sweaters are raised under despicable conditions in China or Detroit. The footage of these places is heartbreaking. Seventeen sweaters crammed to a cage, living in their own lint; rusty and broken knitting needles; a diet that includes growth horomones and sometimes even cotton or acrylic. And we wonder why there is such a turtleneck problem.

After consulting with clothing and wildlife preservationists, judicious trapping seems to be the most humane option. I also recycle the sweaters via clothing swaps, and by wearing the same four things all the damn time. Traditional spring-jaw traps clamp down on the sleeve or body, and sweaters often unravel themselves completely in an attempt to escape.

I use an Alaskan game trap, which encloses the sweater completely without injury or snags. I use mittens for bait. Most people use socks, but I find they attract more dryers and raccoons.

It's certainly more work than store-bought sweaters. But wild sweaters seem to have more color and texture, and wear longer than their processed counterparts.

3. Recently President Bush admited to domestic spying without warrants being carried out under his orders by the NSA, do you worry about your own privacy given your extreme political beliefs?

Fight fire with fire, I always say. Since 2003, the website for Yasmin's Right-Wing Empornium has featured live webcams linked to every room in my house (and a couple in Amsterdam). I sleep peacefully knowing that my life is an open book that any government agency can peruse at the rate of $1.89 per minute. Discounted rates are available to GOP members that participate in the website.

4. You are a yoga instructor, what part of you body hurts most after a good hour of stretches and positions named after animals and produce?

See #3.

5. As an actor which is harder?

That, by far.

That last question and answer were not typos.