Thursday, February 16, 2006


Tonight starts the final weekend of performances of Fair Ladies. And with all the fussing and feuding going on in a world where the Vice President of the United States is going around shooting lawyers, we could all do with a little more samurai lovin'. (Apologies to our Repubican Reader, I wrote that last sentence to be topical. Apprently it gets the blog extra hits if you talk about Dick Chaney, Britney Spears or something called Brrreeeport.)

But enough of my own left wing agenda for world domination, today is the day I make my mind up about who wins the Caption Contest. Once again here is the photo and here is the winning caption:

Anonymous said...

Nelina: I TOLD YOU never to touch me there!

Takeguchi: He just touched ME there and I'm still lovin' it.

Now I would reward this person if I knew who they were. Anonymous posters always slink around the blog and once again don't get the credit they deserve. Because I don't know who this poster was, the prize goes to the second place winner:

ninja twin #2 said...

Nelina Giridhar. Slapping men stupid since 1983.

Both of these captions are winners in my book because the don't just take into account the action in the foreground but also try and explain what the hell is going on with Patrick in the background. Well done everyone who played along and as soon as I remember which of you is ninja #1 and which is ninja #2 you will receive your coke, either fortified or not.

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Anonymous said...

hells yeah! bring on the booze!