Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Artistic Director Jenny McConnell Frederick on the Helen Hayes Nominations

You know there are many of us that feel robbed this time of year. If you are one of those people take comfort in the fact that we all feel robbed together and can then get really drunk at the after party (or for some of us during the ceremony) and end up making out with someone we shouldn't. It's all good! Here is a message from one of our Artistic Directors on just how we at Rorschach faired in the race for the honor so great it was named after the star of Airport '70, the Helen Hayes.

Congratulations to Rorschach Company Members who kicked-ass at the Helen Hayes Nominations (ok...not so much for their work at Rorschach....but kicking ass is kicking ass!)

Nominated Company Members:
Lindsay Allen, Outstanding Supporting Actress,
An Experiment with an Air Pump
Karl Miller, Outstanding Lead Actor, columbinus
Michael John Casey (Kathleen Akerley & Ensemble) for Outstanding Choreography for
shkspr prjct

Shows you guys were in that got nominated:
(**ok...I'm SURE I'm going to miss something forgive me!)

PASSION PLAY (featuring Karl Miller)
Outstanding Set Design
Outstanding Supporting Actress (Polly Noonan)
Outstanding Lead Actor (Felix Solis)
Outstanding New Play

DAMN YANKEES (featuring Tracy Olivera)
Outstanding Musical
Outstanding Musical Direction
Outstanding Supporting Actor (Larry Redmond)
Outstanding Supporting Actress (Kay Walbye)
Outstanding Lead Actor (Brad Oscar)
Outstanding Lead Actress (Meg Gillentine)

HANNAH & MARTIN (featuring Rahaleh Nassri)
Outstanding Director
Outstanding Lighting Design
Outstanding Lead Actress Resident Play (Elizabeth Rich)
Outstanding Play

COLUMBINUS (featuring Karl Miller)
Outstanding Director
Outstanding Sound Design
Outstanding New Play
Outstanding Play

BIG DEATH & LITTLE DEATH (featuring Scott McCormick)
Outstanding New Play

EXPERIMENT WITH AN AIR PUMP (featuring costumes by Deb Sivigny and lights by David Ghatan)
Outstanding Supporting Actress (Lindsay Allen)

ELECTRA (featuring costumes by Deb Sivigny)
Outstanding Lead Actress (Jen Mendenhall)

Congrats, you guys! Randy and I feel really proud and lucky to have you all as Rorschach Company Members.
(And extra congrats to anyone I forgot!) Full list of nominees is online at the Helen Hayes web site



Also congralations to all of the Rorschach Alums who were nominated this year:

Kathleen Akerley, Jonathon Church, Melissa-Leigh Douglass Outstanding Choreography, Resident Production, shkspr prjct
Colleen Delany, Outstanding Supporting Actress, Resident Play, Othello
Mark Sullivan, Outstanding Lead Actor, Resident Play, After Ashley


Anonymous said...

You lose credibility with your snarkiness. Helen Hayes was known as the first lady of the theatre, for goodness' sake. She was before my time, but I remember my grandmother speaking of her with great admiration. Your comment is annoying because it smacks of bigotry and is just so -- bratty. You will be getting older someday, and believe me, you'll notice that ignorant and rude young people seem to come out of the woodwork. Try graciousness; that's something I believe Helen Hayes was known for. If you're upset about the awards, start your own contest!
BTW, here's a list of Helen Hayes' theatre credits:
Stage Appearances
Miss Hawke's May Ball (1905)
A Midsummer Night's Dream (1905)
Babe in the Woods (1908)
Jack the Giant Killer (1909)
A Royal Family (1909)
Children's Dancing Kerrness (1909)
The Prince Chap (1909)
A Poor Relation (1909)
Old Dutch (1909)
The Summer Widowers (1910)
The Barrier (1911)
Little Lord Fauntleroy (1911)
The Never Homes (1911)
The Seven Sisters (1911)
Mary Jane's Pa (1911)
The June Bride (1912)
The Girl with Green Eyes (1913)
His House in Order (1913)
A Royal Family (1913)
The Prince Chap (1913)
The Prince and the Pauper (1913)
The Prodigal Husband (1914)
The Dummy (1916)
On Trial (1916)
It Pays to Advertise (1917)
Romance (1917)
Just a Woman (1917)
Mile-a-Minute Kendall (1917)
Rich Man, Poor Man (1917)
Alma, Where Do You Live? (1917)
Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch (1917)
Within the Law (1917)
Pollyanna (1917)
Penrod (1918)
Dear Brutus (1918)
On the Hiring Line (1919)
Clarence (1919)
The Golden Age (1919)
Báb (1920)
The Wren (1921)
The Golden Days (1921)
To the Ladies (1922)
No Siree!: An Anonymous Entertaiment by the Vicious Circus of the Hotel Algonquin (1922)
Lonely Lee (1923)
We Moderns (1924)
The Dragon (1924)
She Stoops to Conquer (1924)
Dancing Mothers (1924)
Quarantine (1924)
Caesar and Cleopatra (1925)
The Last of Mrs. Cheyney (1925)
Young Blood (1925)
What Every Woman Knows (1926)
Coquette (1927)
Coquette (1928) (London version)
Mr. Gilhooley (1930)
Petticoat Influence (1930)
The Good Fairy (1931)
Mary of Scotland (1933)
Caesar and Cleopatra (1935)
Victoria Regina (1935)
Victoria Regina (1936) (revival)
The Merchant of Venice (1938)
What Every Woman Knows (1938)
Victoria Regina (1938) (revival)
Ladies and Gentleman (1939)
Twelfth Night (1940)
Candle in the Wind (1941)
Harriet (1943)
Alice-Sit-By-The-Fire (1946)
Happy Birthday (1946)
The Glass Menagerie (1948)
Good Housekeeping (1949)
The Wisteria Trees (1950)
Mrs. McThing (1952)
Gentleman, The Queens (1955)
The Skin of Our Teeth (1955)
Lovers, Villans and Fools (1956)
The Glass Menagerie (1956)
Time Remembered (1957)
A Adventure (1958)
Mid-Summer (1958)
A Touch of the Poet (1958)
The Cherry Orchard (1960)
The Chalk Garden (1960)
Shakespeare Revisited: A Program for Two Players (1962)*Good Morning, Miss Dove (1964)
The White House (1964)
The Circle (1966)
The School for Scandal (1966)
Right You Are If You Think You Are (1966)
We Comrades Three (1966)
You Can't Take It With You (1966)
The Show-Off (1967)
The Show-Off (1968) (return engagement)
The Front Page (1969)
Harvey (1970)
Long Day's Journey Into Night (1971)

The Deceiver said...

Uhm, you really need to lighten up.

DCepticon said...

Please Don't ever come here again. You don't get it and you never will. Helen Hayes is a hero of mine and while I appreciate the long list you decided to post, this is not about her or my snarkiness or the fact that I will god forbid get old someday. It is about the fact that once again you have a free chance to anoymously share your bitterness with the world and make someone else look like an a jerk in the process. Well it don't work here because for all of your wisdom and ability to copy and paste a list you seem to have lost the ability to laugh. That is what is truly sad.