Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine's Day Special

In honor of that day so special that Rorschach decides to add a show to an already busy schedule, I have decided to take a trip down memory lane. Rorschach has always been a theater in love with love and the best way to quantify this love is to make a list of some sort. Here is my list of the top five Rorschach Romances of all time:

5. Mere and Pere Ubu in Ubu Roi - (Scott McCormick and Dan Via) - This crazy couple of kids only wanted one thing out of life, Absolute Power. Is that so much to ask? Willing to kill for one another this couple comes in at number five because they are one of the only married couples to actually stay together in a Rorschach Play.

4. Ethan and Alice in After the Flood - (Jason Lott and Anne Bowles) - Ah, love and puppets were in the air when these two high school friends rediscover one another. Ethan tries to figure out what the hell he is doing with his life in the jungles of Malaysia and Anne tries to slap some sense into the boy. Featuring a very sexy scene in their underware and the repetition of the word Monsoon. Mon-soooon!

3. The Master and Margarita - (Scott Graham and Lindsay Allen) - A couple so great they have a whole play named after them. He likes to burn manuscripts and hang out in insane asylums. She flies through the night terrorizing the country side and dancing with the dead. They had a love that even the devil would envy. And in the grand tradition of all great loves they are together forever.

2. Hester and Dimsdale in The Scarlet Letter - (Rahaleh Nassri and Jay Dunn) - Sure he is an ineffectual coward and she a adultorous loner, but their's was a love that made the religious right cry. Their love also spawns the wonder that is Pearl. In the end, despite the body count, theirs has been a love that sophomore's across America have read about for almost two centuries. Not bad for a a minister and a girl who happens to be good with a needle.

1. Calisto/Clindor/Theogenes and Meibea/Isabelle/Hippolyta in The Illusion - (Grady Weatherford and Rahaleh Nassri) - Over the course of an evening these two fall in and out of love three times. Facing every love that the world can throw at them. He kills for her, she lies for him and in the end what really happened? We are all trying to figure it out, but there is no denying it, they are a love for all times.

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