Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Day After VD

So that was a show and a half ladies and gentlemen. Valentine's Day Show had the flavor of family and friends last night. Gwen's exceedingly adorable posse of family and friends were there last night to give a cast the love that they so richly deserve. Plenty of young couples to fill out the audience and make the evening well worth the sacrafice of our own Valentine's Day Plans. For some of us that would have been sitting at home watching television, so probably it was a good thing we got out.

I am going to harp on this a little bit, but there are only five performances of Fair Ladies left. I know if you are a regular reader of this blog, and you aren't in the cast, you have probably already seen the show at least once. If I am wrong about that, well I am shocked, I don't know why you would be slumming here if you weren't a little curious about the monster we have created.

Tomorrow I will be announcing the winner of the Caption Contest. So if you still want to participate scroll down and leave your caption for the photo of John-Michael, Nelina and Patrick. Remember there is a valuable liquid based prize on the line so please leave me some way of knowing who the post belongs to, so you may receive your just reward.


Anonymous said...

well really,
are there any regular readers of the blog
who aren't in the cast?


DCepticon said...

Stop talking in code or you'll scare the normals.

Anonymous said...

yes, I'm a regular reader- just a quiet one. you know, because I'm shy and all.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'll bet your readers from Spain and Turkey aren't in the cast, along with a few others.

Anonymous said...

Wait wait wait. Why is MY ass the one accompanying the line "The day after VD??" Wtf? Should I kill you NOW or later?