Sunday, May 31, 2009

1001 opens tonight.

"What are any of us but a collection of stories? You change the story of a nation and you change that nation."
-- 1001, Scene 18

Tickets on sale now.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Here's to Myths Gone By...

While a little belated, kuddos must be given to everyone involved in Myth-Appropriation: Urban Legands.  The plays were fantastic, the actors hysterical and the direction spot-on!  We couldn't be prouder of the whole bunch.  I could go on and on, but luckily Photographer & Director extrodinare, Colin Hovde was on hand to capature the whole thing.  Enjoy!

Monday, May 04, 2009

I got your offie right here...

I know I know. I promised pictures of MYTH-APPROPRIATION: Urban Legends. They are coming. I promise. And they will be awesome.

In the meantime, let me tell you a little about Deb Sivigny and the award she got last night.

The sixth annual LOWT OFFSTAGE HONORS, or the "Offies" as we like to call them, is a pretty terrific evening. Every year members of the League of Washington Theaters come to honor some unsung heroes in our midst. Here's what League prez David Snyder has to say:

"We all know that the people offstage, everyone from resident staff to stage managers, are often the heart and soul of our organizations, giving their time, expertise and hard work in support of the artistic process without the spotlight of recognition," said LOWT President, David Snider. "Join us in honoring these unsung heroes of DC theatre, who have made and continue to make DC one of the most exciting, vital and productive theatre communities in the nation and the world."

So a lot of people gathered at Woolly Mammoth, ate some rocking hummus and 7 layer dip, drank Harp and Blue Moon beer and honored Deb and some folks from other theatres.

Her award looked like this:

We decided to honor Deb for a number of reasons. Besides designing nine shows for us and building a host of things on shows she didn't design (like the severed head in MASTER AND MARGARITA and the dead body in LORD OF THE FLIES), Deb has done quite a bit behind the scenes from casting to marketing to graphic design to intern coordination.

This past year Deb topped all her past offstage endeavors by planning our benefit, THE FIRE OF LOVE FETE. There wasn't much that she didn't do on this massive project. She found the space, she solicited food, drink and silent auction donations, she organized the volunteers and she made the gallery on R street look amazing in under an hour. Seriously. You've never seen an opereration quite like it.

In addition to Deb, other friends and company members won awards. Company Member Catherine Tripp won an award for her work at Woolly Mammoth. She tried to get without having her picture taken. She was foiled:

Another friend of Rorschach, Dre Moore, won an award for her offstage work at Adventure Theatre. Dre is designing props this summer for 1001 and LIVING DEAD IN DENMARK.

Here is a picture of Deb and Dre fighting with their awards like they are Rhinoceros:

So congratulations Deb, Catherine, Dre and all the other Offie winners!