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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Shane's Memorial

The Memorial Service for Shane will be held on Monday, December 29th at Theater J at 7:00pm. There will be a reception following at Playill.

Anyone who has photos of Shane, either from shows, work, or parties, that your would like to share, please put those on a CD so that we can have them.

Email Jaqueline Lawton, if you have any photos you would like to share of Shane.

Monday, December 22, 2008


Shane Wallis died in a motorcycle accident last Thursday night.

I just spent a half hour trying to figure out how to write that last sentence. While Shane only worked on two Rorschach shows, he made a deep impression on everyone who he came in contact with. He had an enthusiasm for life that was infectious. His smooth Southern drawl and his innate sense of himself made him compelling to be around both on and off stage.
Shane is pictured on the far right in our production of Behold! He and Hugh as the bellboy consipracy theorists had some of my favorite moments in that show. "Kelpew?" And this summer Shane was with us on the Georgetown Campus for Dream Sailors. I can still see him now strumming his guitar and singing Brown-Eyed Girl with the rest of us.

While I was never in a show with Shane, I know those of you who knew him better will feel his loss for a long time coming. This has been a year of loss in DC theatre, men and women older than Shane were snatched from us this year, Shane's loss is just the capstone to a year of what seems to be pointless loss. I ask everyone to keep Shane's family and children in their prayers this year and remember him in whatever way seems best to you. If you didn't know Shane say a prayer anyway, you would have liked him.

Shane's friends over at Theatre J have also remembered him on their blog.
There will be a memorial at some point very soon in DC for Shane but his family will be remembering him starting tonight in his home state of Mississippi. Details below:
Visitation of Shane will be from 5:00pm-8:00pm, on Monday, December 22 at Riverwood Family Funeral Home, 76 Hwy 51 S Brookhaven, MS 39191.

Service for Shane will be conducted at 11:00 am, on Tuesday at Riverwood Family Funeral Home. Graveside service will be conducted shortly there after at Pleasant Hill Baptist Church, 2305 Pleasant Hill Dr SE Bogue Chito, MS 39629.

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Today's entry captures the very essence of
 making theater--collaboration. Meet the Render Games Team:

Hey everybody. Danny Gavigan
 here kicking things off for my MYTHap group. When we realized it was our turn to pick up the torch and contribute to
 the Rorschach blog, all of us just kind of stared at the proverbial torch. None of us are big bloggers, so I proposed a tag team effort where each of us could pick up where the last
 one left off. The rest of the team can either add to whatever it is I'm about to say or wax poetic about their Mister T. cereal they had this morning.With only a week devoted to only one night of one acts, I think trust has become a huge part of the process. Trust not only in each other but ourselves as writers, directors,
 actors, designers, producers and those fucking dramaturgs! Because there's only so much you can ponder
 when you've gotta bang out a script in a day or you've got only 10 pages to explore your character's journey or
 whatever. So what I seem to always get from these quick, intensive festivals is that I can stand still and worry about it or
 just jump in and believe in it, no matter what it is. And there's something to be said for that. I think it's an exercise that I could definitely use for how I approach other works. Jenn? Thoughts on that or anything else you'd like to share?
Jenn here, I love this process because you don't have time to think.  You have to listen to your instincts and go with them.  Last night as we walked through the scene for the first time, I personally felt that my instincts took some time to develop.  I will sit around a table and talk a play to death because the first few moments of working on our feet terrify me as a director: what if nobody knows how to get started?  Last night, everybody jumped in together.  It was great.  It's just like Danny said, the trust in each other helped us all to navigate through the first awkward staging and trust the excitement we all had in the play from the first draft.  Tag, Rachel, you're it.
Here's Kathleen, who was otherwise off the hook, jumped in to say ST NICHOLAS WRITES BLOGS IN HELL!  Carry on.
Hullo, it's Rachel the actor.  I love this process because the plays are so short.  It's like an intensive writing/scene study/improv class all rolled into one, and meanwhile we're actually creating something.  Whoa.  And the shortness reminds me that the whole process can be endless, that there is always more of a moment to tease out.  Which is a weird conclusion to draw from an intentionally compressed bunch of theater like this, I know.  
Speaking of weird, myths.  St. Nick has a lot of good ones, and they're all really bizarre.  Ours in particular.  SPOILER ALERT:  Apparently what draws the saint's attention is the baking of persons into pies.  Myth Nick doesn't seem particularly bothered about punishing the evildoer, but he can't stand people in pies, and so actually gets there *after* the murder and *before* any cannibalism can happen, meaning the bit that really bothers him is the pies part, and that's the part he will undo.  You have to wonder how many crimes and sorrows he walked past on his way to the pie shop in Myra.  When it's Christmas-cookie baking time, I will love knowing that St. Nick really, REALLY cared about his baked goods and secret ingredients.   
Francisco here... This is my first project since I left DC in July, and it's a nice way to get the acting feet wet again. I think the trust Danny mentioned is key here, and I have to say that it helps when you're in a community that you're already familiar with. Having Kathleen Akerley as our playwright is a definite plus, as she is kind of brilliant and a lovely human being, and also someone many of us have worked with before. Blend the cast, director, and designer in with that familiarity and trust, sprinkle with a dose of professionalism all around, and you've got a recipe for a delightful little Christmas concoction - frothy AND spicy! Good spicy, not the kind that make your tongue burn in your mouth and... well, you'll see. Amanda?
Thanks Francisco!  Amanda here.  The beauty of being last on the blog train is I just get to reiterate a few keys words that my fellow Render Gamers pointed out: TRUST, instinct, cannibalism, secret ingredients, frothy, spicy.  Don't believe me?  This is my second Myth-Appropriations and there is definitely more seasoning in this one.  Because nothing says 'happy holidays' like some delicious baked goods.  And our little band's St Nick myth follows in a great tradition of Classic stories involving the baking of human flesh, ie Titus Andronicus and Thyestes.   So join us as we celebrate the Yuletide the old way, by discussing quality of life while referencing cut charts.  Happy Holidays from butchers Andy and Myra!   Don't piss us off, you'll end up "rendered."

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Day 5

This is the portion of the blog entry where I would introduce our guest blogger for the day...but in this case, it seems our intrepid blogger has gone above and beyond--even providing the artwork--and thus needs no introduction:

Hi there!  This is Gwen, blogging for Team Awesome.  Our team members are playwright Steven Spotswood, director Akiva Fox, designer Suzen Mason, and actors David Dowell, Erin Kaufman, John Tweel, and myself.  You can't see David, Gwen, or Suzen in our TEAM AWESOME picture, but believe me we are there in spirit.  We are all awesome people, and totally full of festive holiday cheer.  

Awesome's myth is "The Night Before Christmas".  This famous poem tells the story of a family on Christmas Eve.  Just as the kids are dreaming of sugarplums and the parents are about to take a long winter's nap, Dad hears a "clatter" and opens the window to see St. Nick with his sleigh & reindeer landing on the roof.   Father Christmas comes down the chimney, fills the stockings without a word, and drives off, yelling "Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!"  Originally published anonymously in 1923, this poem is most commonly attributed to Clement Clark Moore, although it may have been written by some other dude.  The poem is the basis of countless songs, cartoons, and pop culture references.  You can read about it on Wikipedia here. or the full text of the poem here.

Would you like to learn more about our Awesome Team members? I bet you would. 

Writer Steven Spotswood grew up somewhere exciting, went to Catholic University, and totally got married. This is his first foray with Rorschach, although he has written plays for the past two Fringe festivals.  Steve has found a bevy of holiday-tinged inspiration in the "Night Before Christmas" poem.  It especially struck him that a man who commits serial breaking and entering via chimney, leaving special presents for little boys and girls with the tacit approval of their parents, is more than a little creepy. Steven's play explores the premise that these children would grow up to be psychologically scarred, more-than-a-little effed up adults.

Akiva Fox grew up in Boston and had a sparkling youth marked by many adventures, including Teen Jeopardy! and supporting roles in high-school musicals.  Now he lives in DC and has a job at the Shakespeare Theatre Company, where he manages a lot of words by dead guys.  Despite being vehemently Jewish, this is not his first Christmas-themed theatrical adventure, having directed a deconstructed holiday Hamlet last year in a freezing warehouse.  Akiva's parents have in recent years begun decorating their house the greatest non-Christian lighting display in the Western Hemisphere, featuring a giant glowing dreidel.  It's seriously like the biggest I've ever seen.  

David Dowell studied theatre at SMU, acts here in Washington DC, and is engaged to a lovely lady named Brittany who interns at Arena Stage. David's most vivid holiday memory is  from a family visit to "Santa's magic grotto" at 12 with his 10 year old brother and 2 year old sister.  After an eternally long wait, they sat on the lap of a nice, rotund, elderly Santa for a photo.  The sister got terrified and started wailing her head off, and David tried to calm her down as his younger brother grew more and more embarrassed.  Of course the picture was snapped at precisely this moment, capturing Santa, the only person having any fun in the picture, laughing his head off at a group of miserable children.

Erin Kaufman fled to DC from the wilds of Cincinnati, OH - under the assumption that Washington, DC was much closer to the ocean than it actually is. DC charmed her, despite it's non-oceanic vistas, and she stuck around. DC is also the place where Erin's first ever Christmas tree experience happened this last December.  She was nearly crushed to death by a rogue Christmas tree in the back seat a rather small car. Christmas tree related scratches and bruises having long since healed, Erin is quite enjoying the deep exploration of the Christmas spirit that Rorschach MythApp is providing for her.
Tweel has participated in Mythapps Past, as well as 365 Days/Plays for Rorschach.  He works at a very important and responsible yet mysterious day job, and has extremely well-maintained pectoral muscles.  He will happily grow any sort of elaborate facial hair for a theatrical production, including but not limited to goatee, soul patch, soul goatee, full beard, fumanchu, mutton chops, and 70's porn stache.  Similarly to David, John had very memorable visits to Santa in his youth that involved laughing mercilessly at the tears and terror of younger siblings.  John's grandmother is very important to him. 

And for myself, I grew up in Frederick, went to University of Maryland College Park, and live in a delightfully bohemian apartment with
Bikram yoga teacher and Rorschach company member Yasmin Tuazon.  My birthday is on Christmas Day, which makes it difficult to have any sort of birthday gathering with friends.  One year my mom threw me a surprise party in February, long after I had given up for the year.  The least exciting was when I turned 21, which I celebrated by having a small glass of Bailey's in my parents' basement and then going to sleep.  That being said, I love the holidays and am looking forward to celebrating this one Rorschach-style.  

Thanks for spending some time with Team Awesome!  Over the next few nights, we'll rehearse and polish a fabulously Christmas-y play for you to see on Saturday night.  And as a special bonus,
here is a touching and appropriate gallery of small children being traumatized by a large man in a red suit.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Bold Choices

Today's blog entry is brought to you by the fabulous Matt Ripa, director of St. Nick by Adam Segaller.  Before I turn the floor over to Matt, I do have a quick bit of news for everyone.  Due to circumstances and bureaucracy far beyond her control, one of our directors has to bow out.  We're sorry to lose her, but delighted to welcome Lee Liebeskind who will co-direct The Krampus at Home with playwright Seamus Sullivan.  

And now without further ado, I bring you Matt Ripa:

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.” Goethe spoke these words and I cannot help but think about this idea of “being bold” during this heightened and condensed process.  The process of writing, directing and performing plays in a week is a daunting task filled with the unknown. One of the beautiful things about theatre is the journey into the unknown every time we embark on the creative process. Ultimately the artistic process it is a crazy leap of faith. To think that we are going to create 10 minute plays in a week that people are actually going to pay to see is ridiculous. But, during the first day of this process, Randy and Jenny told us to think big and to attempt fully realized productions with total design. I think that we all took these wise words and ran with them.

Our playwrights have made big, bold choices. The scripts were awesome. It was amazing to hear all of the plays tonight and to realize that they were written in a matter of 2 days is phenomenal.  The plays range from the meaningful to the ridiculous. From the darkly comic to the touching tragedy.  They include everything that is glorious about theatre.  Holding that mirror to the audience and that shattering it before their eyes.

There is also something to be said about the energy of a group of artists from all different backgrounds and styles coming together to create performance. From the first meet and greet to the read-through tonight, the energy in the room has been positive and inspiring. This positive and creative energy has been infused in the stories that are unfolding in the scripts.  My original nervousness or fear has been completely replaced with excited anticipation of the possibilities of creating live theatre. This is guerrilla theatre. Gritty, dirty, and immediate. And this is when theatre is its best, when it is immediate and vital. That is the theatre that I love to create.

Monday, December 08, 2008


The MYTHappropriation teams are busy creating the 6 plays that will become The Bloody, Strange and Wicked Origins of St Nicholas. Every day this week we will have a report from a different team, giving you our loyal readers a different perspective every day.
It'll be like Rashamon. Without Samurai fights.

First up is a report from actor Elizabeth Darby. She's with the team working on Seamus Sullivan's adaptation of the Krampus Myth. If you're scratching your head and saying "I don't remember anything about a Krampus in my Santa stories" take a walk over to wikipedia here and here.

Today (Sunday) all six teams of playmakers met to explore the first drafts of the scripts in workshops led by dramaturg Anne Macaw. After hearing a first read, she asked questions of the actors, playwright and designer about the world of the play; what the rules of this world are and what each character's story is. "Krampus at Home", the play this actor is working on, focuses on the myth of the Krampus, who is responsible for punishing the naughty children who don't deserve presents. Seamus Sullivan's play shows the Krampus family at home, dealing with the same conflicts and struggles any family would. The playwrights will now develop a second draft of the scripts in time for the full show readthrough tomorrow evening.

Check back tomorrow for a report from the team tackling the story, "St Nicholas and the Three Sisters."

And don't forget to get your tickets for Saturday night! They are selling out quickly!
Get your tickets here.

MYTHappropriation: PICTURES!

MYTHappropriation is here!

The creation process that is. For the actual show you have to wait a week.

Saturday was the first gathering of 6 playwrights, 6 directors, 6 playwrights, 6 designers, 24 playwrights, a dramaturg, a stage manager and a few producers. Lest you think exagerate... below are a smattering of pictures of the gaggle of us.

Tickets to MYTH APPROPRIATION: The Bloody, Strange and WickedOrigins of St Nicholas are available now!

This Saturday night for ONE NIGHT ONLY! Get your tickets here.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

It's back... and this time it's out for blood...

If you're wondering what on earth this crazy picture has to do with Santa Claus, don't miss the return of Rorschach Theatre's extreme new play development event...

The Bloody, Strange and Wicked Origins of St Nicholas

Six timeless tales.
Six new plays.
All created in just six days.

Performing for ONE NIGHT ONLY!
Saturday Dec 13, 2008 at 7pm, 9pm and 11pm (3 shows)

You can get your tickets here
And find out more info about the event here

Rorschach Theatre wants to make the holiday season just a little bit wilder. Rorschach will track old Santa Claus back to his religious, pagan and supernatural roots. Looking back to the myths of the Vikings, early Christians and native peoples of Scandinavia and Eastern Europe, Rorschach turns its creative and artistic style on the jolly fat man in red and his larger than life cult of personality.

This is the third edition of Rorschach's extreme new play development project, MYTH-APPROPRIATION, where a group of writers, directors, designers and actors join forces for a week of writing, rehearsals and production to bring 6 fully realized new plays to life for one night only. Previous MYTH-APPROPRIATION projects focused on Grimm Fairytales and Creation Myths of World Cultures.

Seating is limited and these performances sell out quickly so GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!

Remember, you don’t have to wait until this summer to experience the intense performance style and passionate storytelling of Rorschach Theatre. Myth-Appropriation makes for an excellent stocking stuffer and we promise something to awe, offend and entertain no matter your threshold for Christmas plays.

WRITTEN BY Kathleen Akerley, Randy Baker, Shuan Raviv, Adam Segaller, Stephen Spotswood, Seamus Sullivan DIRECTED BY Kasi Campbell, Akiva Fox, Jessie Gallogly, Jenn John, Matt Ripa, Catherine Tripp DESIGNED BY Elisheba Ittoop, Suzen Mason, Amanda Mitchel, Ivania Stack, Justin Titley FEATURING Katie Atkinson, Brian Crane, Elizabeth Darby, Josh DeMinter, David Dowell, Josh Drew, Danny Gavigan, Jeremy Goren, Theo Hadjimichael, Lindsay Haynes, Gwen Grastorf, Lisa Lias, Matt MacNelly, Rachel Manteuffel, Eric Messner, Casie Platt, Francisco Reinoso, Mundy Spears, Sarah Taurchini, Amanda Thickpenny, John Tweel, Alia Faith Williams, Ellen Young PRODUCED BY Randy Baker, Jenny McConnell Frederick WITH Kyle Jean Fisher (Stage Manager), Anne MacCaw (Dramaturg) and Megan Reichelt (Associate Producer)

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Long overdue report from the field...

The world premiere staged reading of Anna Ziegler's THE MINOTAUR was a huge success. More than 100 people joined us last week in the Family Theater at the Kennedy Center's annual Page-To-Stage Festival.

Funny and wise, Anna's take on the Minotaur myth strikes a nice balance between contemporary relevance and timeless themes. We were lucky to have such an amazing cast to bring the words to life. And the audience was great - engaged throughout and I even saw a few tears near the end.

Bringing new relevance to timeless tales is one of many things that excites us here at Rorschach.

The nice folks at DC Theatre Scene even wrote a review of the reading... you can read that by going HERE and scrolling about halfway down the article.

A huge thanks for everyone involved:

FEATURING Wyckham Avery, Matt Dunphy, Danny Gavigan, Marissa Molnar, Jon Reynolds, Colin Smith, Jeremy Webb
PRODUCTED BY Jenny McConnell Frederick

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Page to Stage Clues

Rorschach is doing a Page to Stage project at the Kennedy Center next weekend. So to build buzz, I thought I would leave a clue or two this week and next as to the subject of the play.

Clue #1 : A Mazing!
Clue #2: Half- Full of Bull.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

DC Theatre Scene Audience Choice

Last year I asked you to vote for one show and one actress in the DC Theatre Scene Audience Choice Awards, this year things aren't that simple. This year you have to vote for two Rorschach shows and two Rorschach actors.

Congratulations to the playwrights, casts, directors and designers of Kit Marlowe and This Storm is What We Call Progress for being nominated for the Audience Choice Awards. And an extra helping of congratulations to Rorschach Company Member Karl Miller star of Storm and Kit Marlowe himself Adam Segaller.

Lorraine at DC Theatre Scene says:

People have already started to cast their votes. Feel free to encourage everyone to vote. Use the above graphic, if you wish. The poll closes September 2nd at 6 pm and will be quickly followed by our Awards radio show.

So get voting people. Explore all you want the other nominations and remember you can vote over and over again.


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Get to Know Sarah Taurchini

With the summer running down let's see who we still need to get to know. Here is Sarah from Dream Sailors. She is one of the fantastic folks who have arrived in our world from the Georgetown U Community. Get to Know Sarah please!

1. What is your name, role/job and on which show are you working?

I am playing Beth, among others, in "Dream Sailors".

2. Is this your first time at Rorschach? If no, what have you done with those crazy kids before?

This is my first time with these crazy kids (I've been with other crazy kids, but none this crazy- and I love me some crazy). Actually, it's my first gig out of school, so that's exciting, too. I'm one of the luckiest people on earth!

3. Besides your show which of the Exile shows are you most interested in?

Skin of Our Teeth- I've heard some vague remarks from AD Seamus Sullivan and actor Matt MacNelly, and from what I conjecture, it's going to be awesome. I love the play anyway, so I can't wait to see what Rorschach does with it in the Gonda.

4. Tell us what has been your favorite part about working in the comfort of Georgetown University?

Heh... *looks around sheepishly* ... I just graduated from there, so I know the Georgetown theater spaces like the back of my hand. It's good to be at home, while simultaneously breaking away from Georgetown theater... if that makes any sense.

5. What has been the biggest challenge you have faced either designing, directing, managing or acting in this particular show?

I'm surrounded by incredibly talented, smart, and funny people- it gets intimidating. I'm the baby of the group... I have so much to learn from them all.

6. Who is your favorite character historical or fictional who was placed in Exile?

Sabina. I love Sabina. Some day, I will play Sabina.

7. In a fight which cast would win?

I've heard good things about this silver-skinned lady, but the Dream Sailors cast is experienced: multiple fights in various episodes with more weapons than you can imagine. I won't say more, but we can handle adrenalin.

8. Why should people come and see your show?

If a play is the film equivalent of a movie, Dream Sailors is the equivalent of TV. You know you're addicted to certain TV shows. This is better than reality TV, too. This is LIVE TV. In your face.

Final Weekend of Exile '08

Folks we are winding down. Exile is coming to an end but it is not quite over yet.

Tonight the kids of Dream Sailors are presenting episodes 3 & 4.

Tomorrow they do 1 & 2 and then Friday they do 3 & 4 again.

And then this weekend can you imagine we get to see them do four hour of theatre. 1 through 4 in just one evening Saturday and one afternoon on Sunday.

Don't miss this folks!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Finale of Dream Sailors Trailer

This is the end, my only friend the end!

Dream Sailors Episode 4: The Traveler is up and running. Now it is time for some marathon performances. If you missed any or all of the episodes this week is you one and only chance to catch up.

Don't miss your chance to see all of Dream Sailors from the beginning. Here is your viewing schedule for the final week of the show:

FINAL WEEK: All episodes playing!
Tuesday, August 12 at 730pm: Episode 1
Tuesday, August 12 at 830pm: Episode 2
Wednesday, August 13 at 730pm: Episode 3
Wednesday, August 13 at 830pm: Episode 4
Thursday, August 14 at 730pm: Episode 1
Thursday, August 14 at 830pm: Episode 2
Friday, August 15 at 730pm: Episode 3
Friday, August 15 at 830pm: Episode 4
5pm - Episode 1 / 6pm - Episode 2
8pm - Episode 3 / 9pm - Episode 4
1pm - Episode 1 / 2pm - Episode 2
4pm - Episode 3 / 5pm - Episode 4

Monday, August 04, 2008

Previously on Dream Sailors

Episode 4 of Dream Sailors premieres this weekend. The Skin of Our Teeth closes on Sunday. So get your butts in our seats ASAP. Once again thanks Grady for the video work.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Jane, Sweet Jane!

Jane has once again Rorschach some love in her column today.

Read her article about our Exile in her back stage column. She calls it Rorschach's Alarming Scene, we call it press. She talks to Randy, Jenny, Colin, Jason Grote, Rahaleh and me all about what it means to be doing a season in the cold hard world of Georgetown. Please note irony here.

Read all about it HERE.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Dream Sailors Episode 2 Recap

Thanks again Grady!

Remember episode 3 premieres this Thursday.

By the way the final weekend is selling fast get your tickets now.

Monday, July 28, 2008

While We Are Waiting

Randy, Colin and the crew are getting love out there in the world for Dream Sailors. First DC Theatre Scene, by way of Lorraine Treanor sends this love their way:

Actors Tony Bullock, Rex Daugherty, Lindsay Hanes, Casie Platt, and Grady Weatherford are doing excellent, convincing work with Shane Wallis a standout among the rest of the ensemble.
As all dreamers know, dreams aren’t static. These flash by, melt and merge into one another thanks to the creative team: Colin Hovde contributes great casting and brisk pacing; set designer Hannah J. Crowell designed a series of panels strung with what look like dried rice noodles (but aren’t) guided by quick footed stage hands, which quickly sluice through the front stage forming different slices of space; and the eerie quality to the dream and waking states are made vivid by the lighting and sound designs (John Burkland and Christopher Baine respectively).

Read it all HERE.

Then Stephanie of the Going Out Gurus over on the Washington Post Blog has this to say:

"Dream Sailors" makes it easy to jump in midway. I went to the second episode without seeing the first and found out that I could watch a "previously on" video on both the Rorschach blog and at the theater before the show began. Rorschach also provides a cheat-sheet with the list of characters, so it's easier to keep everyone--and their bizarre dreams--straight. Earlier episodes will also be reprised if you decide you want to see it all from start to finish.

Read it all HERE.

Grady is working on the next Dream Sailors Trailer. For those of you who are looking for some Dream Sailors' scoop, read on:

Rumors are abounding on the set of Dream Sailors as to a mystery romance. Nothing is confirmed, but a lot of time is spent on the Georgetown campus seeing glimpses of rising star Rex Daugherty and sophomore Rorschach actor Lee Liebeskind holding hands and laughing together. One stealthy paparazzi even caught glimpse of the duo embracing in joy for one another. Last Saturday they were the only two actors playing "Frisbee" together. This reporter attempted to contact each actor for comment but was turned away by their agents. I did get in contact with Lee Liebeskind current "Girlfriend", Megan Reichelt, and was told that "...their relationship is fine and that there are no issues." From her tone of voice on the phone, I am not sure I believe it.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Even Peter Marks Says He's Hooked

...I sort of got hooked. Just trying to keep up with what's going on makes the game diverting.

Read the rest of the review HERE from the Post.

Remember Episode 2 runs all this weekend and a chance to see Episode 1 again this Saturday at 7pm.

Sorry I am in a bit of a rush today, but to all of you who are waiting for the last weekend of Dream Sailors, maybe should reconsider. We are starting to sell out for the marathon run.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What the Hell?

Dream Sailors is open and it has some whacked out craziness going on. Photo by Keith A Erickson.

A Message from a Dream Sailors' Insider:

DC insiders are talking about the series premier of the new show "Dream Sailors". Although the show is raising a lot of questions with talk of massive fight sequences, Pirates, and world class choreography...the biggest buzz is coming from the drama and intrigue surrounding the set. A source close to the project relates that the buzz around town on the show is so big that talks of "Dream Sailors" season two have already begun. Although season one is written by local favorite Randy Baker, my source tells me that Hollywood wunderkind JJ Abrams has been approached to write the next season. I am told that although Baker will retain creator credits the producers are looking for a new direction in terms of writing. Nothing is confirmed, but even if not true it has caused quite a stir on the set and even talks between cast mates on where their loyalties lay and who might be returning for the next Season.

Friday, July 18, 2008

House on Fire and Previously on Dream Sailors

Above is the first in the series of previouly ons for Randy Baker's Dream Sailors. The show opened last night and in true Rorschach fashion it has already started with a bang. Or at least a high pitched wailing fire alarm.

Not five minutes into the performance last night, the hazer which they had been using without incident for almost two weeks, set off the fire alarm in the whole Davis Performing Arts Center.

Which not only stopped their show but The Skin of Our Teeth and This Storm is What We Called Progress. It was quite a sight seeing the audience and casts of all three shows milling aroudn the outside of the building waiting to get the all clear signal to go back into the building.

The good news is that all three shows and all of our audiences came back into the building and finished our shows. This would never have happened back at Casa, someone pointed out. Mostly because we didn't have fire alarms, but it was nice to be reminded of the good old days when loud noises used to happen all the time.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dream Sailors Premieres and Reviews Keep Coming in for Skin

Episode 1: Jacob's Fence of Dream Sailors, opens tonight and continues through Sunday. I think that you all know how excited we all are to be producing Randy's new show. This fantastic cast has worked their hind-quarters off to bring this special World Premiere to life and they will continue to work their asses off for the next 5 weeks. Don't let them down and get your own ass over to see this special show.

Debbie Minter Jackson, is the second to chime on The Skin of Our Teeth on DC Theatre Scene. While not fully impressed with the show, Ms. Minter Jackson does have some kudos for the cast:

McCormick portrays the father figure with a self-assurance and swagger. Whether he’s right, wrong, just, unfair, sporting Spitzer-like arrogance, or humble-pie humility, McCormick carries it all and is exciting to watch.

Wyckham Avery as his Edith Bunker-like wife seems to acquiesce, twisting and turning to his every whim, but shows glimmers of reinforced steely strength when you least expect it-one can only pity the fool who dares to mess with her family. Cesar A. Guadamuz plays Henry, whose original and official name is apparently Cain, replete with plenty of underlying hints about his tendency to throw rocks at people in uncontrolled rage, so you know where this is going.

Simone Zvi plays the dutiful though precocious daughter Gladys, and Jjana Valentiner rounds out the cast in the pivotal role of Sabina, with a bright-eyed appeal.

Read the rest HERE.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

We Own the Kids Page of the Post Today

Pick up a copy of The Washington Post today and go to the Style Section. Don't open the section just turn  it over and go to what is usually the Kids Page. Go below the fold and read some Rorschach goodness. 

First you can read all about Dream Sailors, which just happens to be opening tomorrow night. Celia Wren talks to Randy, Jenny and Colin Hovde about the great experiment we have going on down in the Theater Lab at Georgetown. She also does a pretty nice job of giving the history of Episodic Theater going back to Greece and Shakespeare (think about any Shakespeare play with the name Henry in it and you'll see where she is going with that.) Read for your self though in the article, Pursuing the 'Dream' That Lingers Longer Than One Night.

Then there is a stellar review for the folks slogging it out upstairs doing The Skin of Our Teeth. Nelson Pressley:

They've blown the dust off this one. As Nassri's gang renders it, Wilder's drama feels like the granddaddy of the edgy material Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company has bee doing for years, finding loopy ways to goof off and then land hard.

Love is given to the cast, designers and director. HERE is the rest of the review for you to read.

Congratulations to everyone on both shows. Keep on plugging.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Skin is Open, Sailors is Opening and Storm is . . .

The Skin of Our Teeth opened last night to a great audience. Thanks to everyone who makes this show so wonderful to work on. Usually we could bask in our opening but we have another opening in just three short days.

Get ready folks Dream Sailors makes its triumphant debut this Thursday. No pay-what-you-cans but all tickets are just $10 each. Want to save $5, see all 4 episodes for just $35.

And in the world of This Storm is What We Call Progress, we should have some interesting and exciting news very shortly. Stay tuned!

Friday, July 11, 2008

This Storm is What We Call a Trailer

Thanks to Karl Miller and Grady Weatherford. The Trailer looks fantastic.

Remember This Storm is What We Call Progress runs for just two more weeks and we have two more PWYCs for The Skin of Our Teeth tonight and tomorrow night at 7:30pm. Also start marking your calendars because the first episode of Dream Sailors opens on Thurday at 8:30pm. No Previews for Dream Sailor but you can get tickets for a low $10 per episode or see all 4 episodes for $35.

See you tonight!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Video and PWYC for The Skin of Our Teeth

Now the time is here for us to see what happens when Rorschach has two plates spinning in the air.

Tonight The Skin of Our Teeth joins with This Storm is What We Call Progress. Both shows will be performing this weekend. Skin has 3 PWYC previews, starting at 7:30 Tonight, Friday and Saturday nights.

And what is in store for next weekend. Not two but three shows running, as Dream Sailors joins our roster of shows.

For tonight just remember that Storm starts at 8pm and Skin starts at 7:30pm.

See you there my friends!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I Think He is Creepy. Don't You?

Another message from the The Traveler. Once again he is threatening people. And has gotten very specific.

In regards to your assertion of some sort of power or status involving your plays "completed" nature. I would remind you that it has been in a status of completion since 1942, making it old and with an ending that any individual could obtain using the internet, a retail book store, or (in an act that would match the age of the piece) a library. I will not reveal to you my plans involving the 4 simpletons that inhabit my existence - firstly because your primitive mind would not be able to comprehend them, and secondly because you may reveal them to a more evolved specimen of your pathetic kind before I have eliminated you. Check your food for nuts.
The Traveler

Traveler, I'll watch what I eat, you just be sure to take care of that stygmatism. Good thing your show wasn't finished yet, otherwise your inabaility to see things straight might have really impacted your character's eye color.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Get to Know Yasmin Tuazon

This Storm played to splendid crowds this weekend, including a sell out plus 1 for Saturday night. You can still see Storm for the next two weeks. But now the next punch in our reservoir of shows in exile coming out to knock you in the gut. The Skin of Our Teeth starts PWYC Previews this Thursday. With shows Friday and Saturday as well. All shows start at 7:30pm so get there on time.

If you see see anyone who is a theater critic for The City Paper this week ask them when they he might be getting down to Georgetown. If you get a chance read read their timely review of The Lion King. I know the Kennedy Center could use the help a great mention in the City Paper can bring.

While you are here why don't you get to know Yasmin. She's kind of cool and she is in our next show.

1. What is your name, role/job and on which show are you working?

Yasmin Tuazon
Baby Dinosaur, Broadcast Official, Ivy, Carol Burnett
The Skin of Our Teeth

I've also been working behind the scenes on Storm - every day, I replace one of their fake blood Tupperwares with real blood.

2. Is this your first time at Rorschach? If no, what have you done with those crazy kids before?

Well, it's my first time legally.
My previous misdemeanors include God of Vengeance, The Illusion, J.B., Fair Ladies at a Game of Poem Cards, Jesus Christ Superstar (Editor: She's Fibbing), and References to Salvador Dali Make Me Hot.

3. Besides your show which of the Exile shows are you most interested in?

Sock Puppet King Lear.

4. Tell us what has been your favorite part about working in the comfort of Georgetown University?

Air conditioning, air conditioning, cleanliness, air conditioning, endless supplies of toilet paper, air conditioning, a vermin-free environment, reliable plumbing, the fridge, the rehearsal blocks, proximity to designers, and air conditioning.

5. What has been the biggest challenge you have faced either designing, directing, managing or acting in this particular show?

Walking the fine line between dinosaur and chicken. Not to mention saving my knees.

6. Who is your favorite character historical or fictional who was placed in Exile?

Benjamin Linus. Or Napoleon. I'd actually like to see both of them exiled to the same island, to see what would happen. Who would take out the other? Or would they end up in a blissful domestic partnership like the Skipper & Gilligan?

7. In a fight, which cast would win?

Depends on the type of fight
Light saber - Skin.
Dodgeball - Dream Sailors. I think they have it in dexterity and sheer numbers.
Philosophical debate - Storm (though it would probably be settled by 2am sudden-death arm-wrestling between Karl & Grady).
Tickle fight - oh, that's anyone's. But I'd like to see it happen.
Karaoke - again, I'd give that one to Dream Sailors.
MC battle - Storm
Pudding wrestling, aka The Butterscotch Smackdown - Skin, all the way. You heard me, Colin Hovde. We will take you DOWN. Dave Ghatan has been ready to build a ring for five years. I'm just saying.

8. Why should people come and see your show?

Come for the side-splitting and heart-wrenching carnival that is the persistence of human spirit; stay for the pie.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

House Cleaning

Well everyone, we have some house cleaning to do.

First off there is one more review that just loves the heck out of This Storm is What We Call Progress. Missy at DCist send her kudos our way HERE.

Missy says:

After a nearly year-long absence from the theater scene when it lost its performance space, the small but ambitious theater company is returning with a jam-packed schedule stuffed with three works running in July, including a four-part serial. If its first offering, a sexy and meditative staging of the world premiere This Storm Is What We Call Progress is an indication of things to come, we're in for an exciting summer.

Also we have three performances of This Storm is What We Call Progress this weekend. Tonight at 8pm, No Show on the 4th, Saturday at 8pm and Sunday at 3pm. for tickets visit us HERE or call 1-800-494-TIXS.

And finally I got an email from a from someone yesterday which has got me a little worried:

Dear DCepticon,

It has come to my attention that the Casts and Crews of Storm and Skin do not fear the Cast of Dream Sailors. This is a mistake. True they may think they are formidable with their light sabers and knife fights, but can that really compete with due wielded katana's, nunchucks, broad swords, a 8' naginata, duel wielded sai, cutlass, rapier, and a hand to hand fighting style that pauses only for dialog - which is unnecessary in a fight. I realize we may be a bit secretive down in the lower dungeon, but one must always fear that which lives in the dungeon. If a test is necessary, Dream Sailors would happily engage Skin for the rights to use our own performance space for rehearsals. We've considered just breaking their necks one by one anyway. In fact the Traveler would happily take on the entire Skin cast by himself, he is already doing the Darth Maul/Obi-Wan fight from Phantom Menace - so he is used to the light sabers. He will also reserve the right to use their dreams, memories, and fears against them.

I'll be seeing you all real soon.
the Traveler

All I have to say to The Traveler, is at least we have a finished script.

Have a happy 4th and come out to the theatre.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Get to Know Robbie Hayes Again

Robbie Hayes is back with us for another go around on this swing set called Rorschach. Let's explore the man the myth the legend.

1. What is your name, role/job and on which show are you working?

Robbie Hayes, Scenic Designer for This Storm is What We Call Progress and The Skin of Our Teeth

2. Is this your first time at Rorschach? If no, what have you done with those crazy kids before?

I was the Scenic Designer for References to Salvador Dali Make Me Hot, and I was a designer for the First Myth Approptiations.

3. Besides your show which of the Exile shows are you most interested in?

Well, not just because it is the one I am not working on, Dream Sailors. I still haven't read any of the episodes. I want to be surprised...

4. Tell us what has been your favorite part about working in the comfort of Georgetown University?

The proximity to my office. and the AC

5. What has been the biggest challenge you have faced either designing, directing, managing or acting in this particular show?

With Storm it was just getting a handle on the environment for this really difficult play. And Skin, well, size does matter.

6. Who is your favorite character historical or fictional who was placed in Exile?

Doctor Who...

7. In a fight which cast would win?

I have to say Storm, have you seen the all the tupperware?

8. Why should people come and see your show?

Storm - Only the Grapes. Skin - Lightsabers!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Get to Know Storm's Sara Barker

There are a lot of folks working on these three shows. Some of them old like me and some of them new to our little corner of this business called show. Like our first participant in this summer edition of Get to Know, Sara Barker.

Sara has been impressing critics and audiences alike, as they say in those movie commercials, with her role in This Storm is What We Call Progress. What makes this young lady tick? I don't know and these questions probably do very little to make that clear, but it does give you a scratch at the scratch-and-sniff that is her soul. Enjoy!

1. What is your name, role/job and on which show are you working?

Sara Barker, I play Lily in This Storm is What We Call Progress

2. Is this your first time at Rorschach? If no, what have you done with those crazy kids before?

This is my first time with the crazy kids. Wooohooo!

3. Besides your show which of the Exile shows are you most interested in?

Dream Sailors . . . wondering if it will include pointers on lucid dreaming . . .

4. Tell us what has been your favorite part about working in the comfort of Georgetown University?

Refrigeration - it makes it fun to go outside and thaw . . . and our fantastic ASM Alex Aki, who is a Georgetown student. It's also clean. Stuff works. Bathrooms have toilet paper . . . there are just so many nice things about it.

5. What has been the biggest challenge you have faced either designing, directing, managing or acting in this particular show?

Finding my shoes during the blackout after scene 11 . . .

6. Who is your favorite character historical or fictional who was placed in Exile?

Prince Myshkin from The Idiot - not sure he counts since the novel begins with his return to Russia and his exile was not entirely forced upon him . . . he's pretty much my favorite character of all time though so I'd like to bend the rules to include him.

7. In a fight which cast would win?

That's easy, we've got the Lady with the Silver Skin, who'd of course use her mega magical powers to do to everyone what she does to Adam in the show.

8. Why should people come and see your show?

Blind knife fighting.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Another Review from the Interwebs

See there are reviews and then there are Reviews. This is a Review. Tim Treanor from DC Theatre Scene joined us on Friday night for This Storm is What We Call Progress. And before Saturday was over he couldn't help but gush a little. Follow the link HERE to read all of Tim's accolades, including this:

At bottom, it is a celebration of passionate love, which is surely a manifestation of the invisible universe, and an exploration of paradise lost, which is always the consequence of knowledge. It depicts both with such skill and specificity as to make this play moving even in the absence of its fantastic backdrop and story line.

There is much more sugar for everyone else, so read all the review.

Also Jason Grote once again has responded to his critics and ours on his blog. He also gives a good deal of insight into what Storm is about. Read more HERE.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Time of My Life and Grote on Grote

Another review in print, this time from Jayne Blanchard from The Washington Times. Jayne seems to have been left a little less pleased than Peter was in the Post yesterday but she find things to like as well. Giving special metion to our actors and designers.

An eerie spell is cast by scenic designer Robbie Hayes' set, with its dusty shelves full of vaguely magical bric-a-brac and David C. Ghatan's lighting provides spooky atmospheric effects.

Read the rest of the review HERE.

And since I haven't directed you to playwright Jason Grotes blog in a while, please take some time to read Jason's musings on his review in the Post. Poke around some and find out what is going on in that marvelous Jason Grote mind.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Peter Likes It

My friends we got our first review and it is a darling. Peter Marks seems to like what he saw on Sunday night in the Devine Theatre at Georgetown U.

If its first production in exile, a world premiere of Jason Grote's "This Storm Is What We Call Progress," is any indication, then homelessness may not be such a trying condition. Grote's play is both mind-blowing and a bit mind-numbing, but as modeling clay for a troupe that likes to get its mitts on provocative, idea-crammed and still-evolving theater, it's primo material.

Yes he has a couple issues, but who doesn't.

Read the rest of the review HERE.

Congratulations everyone on a great review for an exciting new show.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Kabbalah Study Group

So while you are looking for something to read at your desk today to bone up for the last two Pay-What-You-Can Previews of This Storm is What We Call Progress, why not take a trip over to Wiki and explore the mystery and the wonder that is Kabbalah.

From what I understand there is some debate as to what elements of Kabbalah actually are in Storm but you won't know unless you at least get a little primer in the subject.

Make your way over to Georgetown tonight, if you need directions or simple ways to make the trek from wherever you are Randy Baker has prepared this easy to use set of directions on the Rorschach web site, click here.

Hope to see you tonight and tomorrow at 8pm at Georgetown.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Fresh Blood

Think about it folks, are you sick and tired of the same playwrights dominating the DC stages.
Believe me I love Shakespeare and Mamet, Miller and Kaufman, Brecht and Moliere, but don't you want something fresh to sink your teeth into every now and then.
Rorschach has done its share old plays and later in the summer we will give you a warm home to crawl into and be happy with things past, but right now we are giving you a raw piece of steak. This Storm is What We Call Progress is not just a new play from a promising young playwright, but a playwright who will be on all of our radars very soon. Jason Grote will be making his way to the Woolly stage in short order, but if you want to see what this amazing talent is going to bring to the world of show, Rorschach is presenting you with your first chance.
And if you come tonight, tomorrow or Saturday night at 8pm, you can do it for cheap. Not that our regular ticket rates will break the bank but you know you love a bargain as mcuh as we do.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Been a Long Time

Ok folks it has been a while since I have written on the blog. I apologize for that but sometimes life puts road blocks up in your way to have your life run smoothly.

I invite any of you who are so inclined to help me out by emailing me what is going on with your shows, because while I would love to be everywhere at once, I can't.

Let's see if I can keep this thing going folks.

We have our first pay-what-you-can previews for This Storm is What We Call Progress. I have peeked in and seen an amazing set, great acting and a script that will entertain and amaze.

Let me see what I can dig out and we will market the hell out of this thing.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Storm in Progress

Everything is rolling. Storm has been in rehearsals for over a week and Skin and Dream Sailors have their first reads tonight and tomorrow night respectively.

To your left Karl Miller in getting beat. I am not sure if this is part of the show or just part of Jenny's directing process.

More news to follow folks I promise.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

My Favorite Myth-take

Counting down from Salem tonight I am reminded of all the ways in which Myth and story influence our lives. I don't just mean the old myths but the little myths that help us wake up and face the world.

Can anyone name me a myth besides Social Security that helps you wake up in the myth morning and go to work each morning?

Theater artists create a series of myths that help us keep doing this stuff. A myth like folks actually make a living at this.

3 shows Saturday folks get your tickets now!


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sweet Myth-tery of Life

Here is the sweet thing about working with other people in a theatre company is that even when you are visiting someone in a far off land the work still gets done. And done well!

The kids were at it the other night, as the actors finally found out what the hell they are going to be doing this Saturday night. You can tell by the expressions in these photos that they are pretty much either scared or pretty much shocked! I am guessing it is a little from column A and a little from column B.

Folks this is something special and I wouldn't miss it if I were you. Last time we did this we sold out two shows and there were folks lining the aisles. There is no reason why this can not and will not happen again. Get your tickets now. Visit for all the juicy details and reserve your seats now. 

A little tease there, will be some ancient Mayans who will sue us.