Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Get to Know Sarah Taurchini

With the summer running down let's see who we still need to get to know. Here is Sarah from Dream Sailors. She is one of the fantastic folks who have arrived in our world from the Georgetown U Community. Get to Know Sarah please!

1. What is your name, role/job and on which show are you working?

I am playing Beth, among others, in "Dream Sailors".

2. Is this your first time at Rorschach? If no, what have you done with those crazy kids before?

This is my first time with these crazy kids (I've been with other crazy kids, but none this crazy- and I love me some crazy). Actually, it's my first gig out of school, so that's exciting, too. I'm one of the luckiest people on earth!

3. Besides your show which of the Exile shows are you most interested in?

Skin of Our Teeth- I've heard some vague remarks from AD Seamus Sullivan and actor Matt MacNelly, and from what I conjecture, it's going to be awesome. I love the play anyway, so I can't wait to see what Rorschach does with it in the Gonda.

4. Tell us what has been your favorite part about working in the comfort of Georgetown University?

Heh... *looks around sheepishly* ... I just graduated from there, so I know the Georgetown theater spaces like the back of my hand. It's good to be at home, while simultaneously breaking away from Georgetown theater... if that makes any sense.

5. What has been the biggest challenge you have faced either designing, directing, managing or acting in this particular show?

I'm surrounded by incredibly talented, smart, and funny people- it gets intimidating. I'm the baby of the group... I have so much to learn from them all.

6. Who is your favorite character historical or fictional who was placed in Exile?

Sabina. I love Sabina. Some day, I will play Sabina.

7. In a fight which cast would win?

I've heard good things about this silver-skinned lady, but the Dream Sailors cast is experienced: multiple fights in various episodes with more weapons than you can imagine. I won't say more, but we can handle adrenalin.

8. Why should people come and see your show?

If a play is the film equivalent of a movie, Dream Sailors is the equivalent of TV. You know you're addicted to certain TV shows. This is better than reality TV, too. This is LIVE TV. In your face.

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