Wednesday, July 16, 2008

We Own the Kids Page of the Post Today

Pick up a copy of The Washington Post today and go to the Style Section. Don't open the section just turn  it over and go to what is usually the Kids Page. Go below the fold and read some Rorschach goodness. 

First you can read all about Dream Sailors, which just happens to be opening tomorrow night. Celia Wren talks to Randy, Jenny and Colin Hovde about the great experiment we have going on down in the Theater Lab at Georgetown. She also does a pretty nice job of giving the history of Episodic Theater going back to Greece and Shakespeare (think about any Shakespeare play with the name Henry in it and you'll see where she is going with that.) Read for your self though in the article, Pursuing the 'Dream' That Lingers Longer Than One Night.

Then there is a stellar review for the folks slogging it out upstairs doing The Skin of Our Teeth. Nelson Pressley:

They've blown the dust off this one. As Nassri's gang renders it, Wilder's drama feels like the granddaddy of the edgy material Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company has bee doing for years, finding loopy ways to goof off and then land hard.

Love is given to the cast, designers and director. HERE is the rest of the review for you to read.

Congratulations to everyone on both shows. Keep on plugging.

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