Friday, July 18, 2008

House on Fire and Previously on Dream Sailors

Above is the first in the series of previouly ons for Randy Baker's Dream Sailors. The show opened last night and in true Rorschach fashion it has already started with a bang. Or at least a high pitched wailing fire alarm.

Not five minutes into the performance last night, the hazer which they had been using without incident for almost two weeks, set off the fire alarm in the whole Davis Performing Arts Center.

Which not only stopped their show but The Skin of Our Teeth and This Storm is What We Called Progress. It was quite a sight seeing the audience and casts of all three shows milling aroudn the outside of the building waiting to get the all clear signal to go back into the building.

The good news is that all three shows and all of our audiences came back into the building and finished our shows. This would never have happened back at Casa, someone pointed out. Mostly because we didn't have fire alarms, but it was nice to be reminded of the good old days when loud noises used to happen all the time.

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