Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I Think He is Creepy. Don't You?

Another message from the The Traveler. Once again he is threatening people. And has gotten very specific.

In regards to your assertion of some sort of power or status involving your plays "completed" nature. I would remind you that it has been in a status of completion since 1942, making it old and with an ending that any individual could obtain using the internet, a retail book store, or (in an act that would match the age of the piece) a library. I will not reveal to you my plans involving the 4 simpletons that inhabit my existence - firstly because your primitive mind would not be able to comprehend them, and secondly because you may reveal them to a more evolved specimen of your pathetic kind before I have eliminated you. Check your food for nuts.
The Traveler

Traveler, I'll watch what I eat, you just be sure to take care of that stygmatism. Good thing your show wasn't finished yet, otherwise your inabaility to see things straight might have really impacted your character's eye color.

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