Sunday, July 06, 2008

Get to Know Yasmin Tuazon

This Storm played to splendid crowds this weekend, including a sell out plus 1 for Saturday night. You can still see Storm for the next two weeks. But now the next punch in our reservoir of shows in exile coming out to knock you in the gut. The Skin of Our Teeth starts PWYC Previews this Thursday. With shows Friday and Saturday as well. All shows start at 7:30pm so get there on time.

If you see see anyone who is a theater critic for The City Paper this week ask them when they he might be getting down to Georgetown. If you get a chance read read their timely review of The Lion King. I know the Kennedy Center could use the help a great mention in the City Paper can bring.

While you are here why don't you get to know Yasmin. She's kind of cool and she is in our next show.

1. What is your name, role/job and on which show are you working?

Yasmin Tuazon
Baby Dinosaur, Broadcast Official, Ivy, Carol Burnett
The Skin of Our Teeth

I've also been working behind the scenes on Storm - every day, I replace one of their fake blood Tupperwares with real blood.

2. Is this your first time at Rorschach? If no, what have you done with those crazy kids before?

Well, it's my first time legally.
My previous misdemeanors include God of Vengeance, The Illusion, J.B., Fair Ladies at a Game of Poem Cards, Jesus Christ Superstar (Editor: She's Fibbing), and References to Salvador Dali Make Me Hot.

3. Besides your show which of the Exile shows are you most interested in?

Sock Puppet King Lear.

4. Tell us what has been your favorite part about working in the comfort of Georgetown University?

Air conditioning, air conditioning, cleanliness, air conditioning, endless supplies of toilet paper, air conditioning, a vermin-free environment, reliable plumbing, the fridge, the rehearsal blocks, proximity to designers, and air conditioning.

5. What has been the biggest challenge you have faced either designing, directing, managing or acting in this particular show?

Walking the fine line between dinosaur and chicken. Not to mention saving my knees.

6. Who is your favorite character historical or fictional who was placed in Exile?

Benjamin Linus. Or Napoleon. I'd actually like to see both of them exiled to the same island, to see what would happen. Who would take out the other? Or would they end up in a blissful domestic partnership like the Skipper & Gilligan?

7. In a fight, which cast would win?

Depends on the type of fight
Light saber - Skin.
Dodgeball - Dream Sailors. I think they have it in dexterity and sheer numbers.
Philosophical debate - Storm (though it would probably be settled by 2am sudden-death arm-wrestling between Karl & Grady).
Tickle fight - oh, that's anyone's. But I'd like to see it happen.
Karaoke - again, I'd give that one to Dream Sailors.
MC battle - Storm
Pudding wrestling, aka The Butterscotch Smackdown - Skin, all the way. You heard me, Colin Hovde. We will take you DOWN. Dave Ghatan has been ready to build a ring for five years. I'm just saying.

8. Why should people come and see your show?

Come for the side-splitting and heart-wrenching carnival that is the persistence of human spirit; stay for the pie.

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