Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What the Hell?

Dream Sailors is open and it has some whacked out craziness going on. Photo by Keith A Erickson.

A Message from a Dream Sailors' Insider:

DC insiders are talking about the series premier of the new show "Dream Sailors". Although the show is raising a lot of questions with talk of massive fight sequences, Pirates, and world class choreography...the biggest buzz is coming from the drama and intrigue surrounding the set. A source close to the project relates that the buzz around town on the show is so big that talks of "Dream Sailors" season two have already begun. Although season one is written by local favorite Randy Baker, my source tells me that Hollywood wunderkind JJ Abrams has been approached to write the next season. I am told that although Baker will retain creator credits the producers are looking for a new direction in terms of writing. Nothing is confirmed, but even if not true it has caused quite a stir on the set and even talks between cast mates on where their loyalties lay and who might be returning for the next Season.

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