Monday, July 28, 2008

While We Are Waiting

Randy, Colin and the crew are getting love out there in the world for Dream Sailors. First DC Theatre Scene, by way of Lorraine Treanor sends this love their way:

Actors Tony Bullock, Rex Daugherty, Lindsay Hanes, Casie Platt, and Grady Weatherford are doing excellent, convincing work with Shane Wallis a standout among the rest of the ensemble.
As all dreamers know, dreams aren’t static. These flash by, melt and merge into one another thanks to the creative team: Colin Hovde contributes great casting and brisk pacing; set designer Hannah J. Crowell designed a series of panels strung with what look like dried rice noodles (but aren’t) guided by quick footed stage hands, which quickly sluice through the front stage forming different slices of space; and the eerie quality to the dream and waking states are made vivid by the lighting and sound designs (John Burkland and Christopher Baine respectively).

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Then Stephanie of the Going Out Gurus over on the Washington Post Blog has this to say:

"Dream Sailors" makes it easy to jump in midway. I went to the second episode without seeing the first and found out that I could watch a "previously on" video on both the Rorschach blog and at the theater before the show began. Rorschach also provides a cheat-sheet with the list of characters, so it's easier to keep everyone--and their bizarre dreams--straight. Earlier episodes will also be reprised if you decide you want to see it all from start to finish.

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Grady is working on the next Dream Sailors Trailer. For those of you who are looking for some Dream Sailors' scoop, read on:

Rumors are abounding on the set of Dream Sailors as to a mystery romance. Nothing is confirmed, but a lot of time is spent on the Georgetown campus seeing glimpses of rising star Rex Daugherty and sophomore Rorschach actor Lee Liebeskind holding hands and laughing together. One stealthy paparazzi even caught glimpse of the duo embracing in joy for one another. Last Saturday they were the only two actors playing "Frisbee" together. This reporter attempted to contact each actor for comment but was turned away by their agents. I did get in contact with Lee Liebeskind current "Girlfriend", Megan Reichelt, and was told that "...their relationship is fine and that there are no issues." From her tone of voice on the phone, I am not sure I believe it.

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