Thursday, June 26, 2008

Time of My Life and Grote on Grote

Another review in print, this time from Jayne Blanchard from The Washington Times. Jayne seems to have been left a little less pleased than Peter was in the Post yesterday but she find things to like as well. Giving special metion to our actors and designers.

An eerie spell is cast by scenic designer Robbie Hayes' set, with its dusty shelves full of vaguely magical bric-a-brac and David C. Ghatan's lighting provides spooky atmospheric effects.

Read the rest of the review HERE.

And since I haven't directed you to playwright Jason Grotes blog in a while, please take some time to read Jason's musings on his review in the Post. Poke around some and find out what is going on in that marvelous Jason Grote mind.

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