Thursday, June 19, 2008

Fresh Blood

Think about it folks, are you sick and tired of the same playwrights dominating the DC stages.
Believe me I love Shakespeare and Mamet, Miller and Kaufman, Brecht and Moliere, but don't you want something fresh to sink your teeth into every now and then.
Rorschach has done its share old plays and later in the summer we will give you a warm home to crawl into and be happy with things past, but right now we are giving you a raw piece of steak. This Storm is What We Call Progress is not just a new play from a promising young playwright, but a playwright who will be on all of our radars very soon. Jason Grote will be making his way to the Woolly stage in short order, but if you want to see what this amazing talent is going to bring to the world of show, Rorschach is presenting you with your first chance.
And if you come tonight, tomorrow or Saturday night at 8pm, you can do it for cheap. Not that our regular ticket rates will break the bank but you know you love a bargain as mcuh as we do.

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