Monday, December 08, 2008


The MYTHappropriation teams are busy creating the 6 plays that will become The Bloody, Strange and Wicked Origins of St Nicholas. Every day this week we will have a report from a different team, giving you our loyal readers a different perspective every day.
It'll be like Rashamon. Without Samurai fights.

First up is a report from actor Elizabeth Darby. She's with the team working on Seamus Sullivan's adaptation of the Krampus Myth. If you're scratching your head and saying "I don't remember anything about a Krampus in my Santa stories" take a walk over to wikipedia here and here.

Today (Sunday) all six teams of playmakers met to explore the first drafts of the scripts in workshops led by dramaturg Anne Macaw. After hearing a first read, she asked questions of the actors, playwright and designer about the world of the play; what the rules of this world are and what each character's story is. "Krampus at Home", the play this actor is working on, focuses on the myth of the Krampus, who is responsible for punishing the naughty children who don't deserve presents. Seamus Sullivan's play shows the Krampus family at home, dealing with the same conflicts and struggles any family would. The playwrights will now develop a second draft of the scripts in time for the full show readthrough tomorrow evening.

Check back tomorrow for a report from the team tackling the story, "St Nicholas and the Three Sisters."

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