Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Gwen Takes the Photos

Ms. Gwen Grastorf oft time photo contributor and frequent commentor on this here blog sent me a message and a link to her photo collection from the show. She will have like a hundred shots of the process of putting this show together. Today I share her message and some of her shots. Bless you Gwen, bless you indeed. Remember folks just two more weekends for Fair Ladies.

I'm waiting to finish this album since i figure i'll have thirty or more pics before the run is up. either way, here is what i have so far. You are the blogmasta and you need hot shots. Rock out! - Gwen


Agent X said...

Close second is the Rahaleh Barbie photo.

Agent X said...

My favorite is the one of Scotty & Randy -- it looks like a sign interpreted version of Lear.

Anonymous said...

yeah that rahaleh photo is the sulky five-year-old Empress who lisps and gets bored when there aren't any poem cards around