Friday, December 14, 2007

We Got Costumes Too

I know we have been making a big deal about the props we will be selling tomorrow at the Rorschach Yard Sale but we also will be selling tons of costume pieces as well.

Just think of all the fun dress up games you can play alone or with a significant other with actual pieces of clothing worn by some of your favorite DC actors.

"Look at me I am Grady Weatherford star of the Beard of Avon!"

"Well I am Gwen Grastorf the sexy grad student from Rough Magic and I can beat you with my Geek Chic Powers of Seduction!"

"No you can't because I will battle you with my Iambs of Steel!"

"Your Elizabethan Poetry Powers are no match for my Short Skirt of Justice!"

"Oh no! Look out it is somone dressed as one of numerous Rorschach actors who have portrayed Satan, including Tim Getman and Matt Dunphy and his Evil Eye of Evilness!"

"And there seems to be someone from Feudal Japan! Could that be Patrick Bussink or Cesar Guadamuz, Fair Ladies in a Really Long Titled Play Costume! Ayee! They will strike us down with their Furious Samurai Vengeance! We are doomed!"

Saturday December 15th from 10-4pm
1459 Columbia Road NW

Think of the hours of fun!

*Not all items mentioned in the above fantasy are available please come to the sale and see what fun things we have hanging on our hangers!

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