Thursday, December 13, 2007

My Favorite Rorschach Prop

An Essay
Scott McCormick (10 Years Old)

As a young person in this country of ours I am reminded of my favorite Rorschach Theatre prop of all time, Jason Linkin's head.

Jason's head was first used in Master and Margarita when his head was taken off his body by a street car after he slipped in some cooking oil. It got thrown on stage by someone. It was not his real head but a paper mache copy of his head made by a crazy lady who used to work for us.

Jason's head was cool because it was shiny and it was hard. Much like a piece of paper mache fruit my grandma brought back from Mexico when she went on one of those crusies like the Love Boat. Grandma said all she brought back from the trip was that piece of fake fruit and an intestinal bug, which she never was able to shake.

Jason's head has served its role in several other plays since then, but I can't remember them because I was not in them. Jason writes on web sites for a job, which is cool. But wouldn't it be even cooler if we could get Jason's head a job writing on web sites. I suppose someone else would have to type since he has no fingers, but it would be cool to see what he thought about issues of our day in this country, like global warming and whether Britney is an unfit mother.

I miss Jason's head and wish we knew where it was at. I would like to keep it safe for the next time Jason is in a show and we need to cut his head off. Because really cutting his head off would be messy. Did I mention it had a cup in its neck so when you held it upside down you could pretend to drink blood out of it? My friends Grady, Melissa, Tim and I did it once or twice and then Jenny said it was taking too long and only Lindsay should drink out of Jason's head. Oh and the blood we were drinking was supposed to be coming out of Mark Sullivan. It was kind of gross.

Thank you and good bye.



The Trendy Tailor said...

it's been riding around in my car with a bunch of it's other severed friends. hahahahahahah (and it was me who made the head)

DCepticon said...

Sorry dear, I thought it was the crazy lady.

Peong said...

The head could write man! Use his tongue or nose or something. Some dude just wrote a book and the only way he could communicate was by blinking his left eye. They could make a movie about him called my left eye but people might think it was a movie about TLC.

Unknown said...

Ah, the good old days...

Agent X said...

Could Jason's head have wandered off with the pig's head from Lord of the Flies? It needs a pet, after all.

FRM115 said...

deb kept jason's head in our shared graduate school office for a few months.

she never explained why.

i think jason's head needs to go live in grady's apartment with all the other out of work heads (rhino on the bookshelf and still-sticky pig head in the closet).