Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Links of Gwen

Oft times comment contributer and tech ninja Gwen has contributed some useful links for the cast and items which may just wet the rest of the world's appetite for all things Japanese and Samurai related. Also check out one of director Randy Baker's favorite sites on How-to-Bow.

Hi all,

Here are some things:

1. I'm sure some of you have found this already, definition of 'dono'.

2. Is this the same Mt. Kita?

3. Evidently there are Privy Seal Keepers in Britain as well.

4. Buddhism and reincarnation... god i love wikipedia.

5. This is the official homepage for the Japanese Imperial Household.

6. Just in case you want to see bizzaro modern japanese things...some of these need a high-speed internet connection with flash.

I Love Egg
Strange Japanese Advertising in English
Tokyo Plastic
How to Fold a Shirt

Have Fun,

Gwen 'i love to google' Grastorf


Anonymous said...

i will never fold a shirt the same way again...

Anonymous said...

Dono much 'bout Mt Kita
Dono much 'bout Zen Buddha

Dono much Privvy Seal Keeping
Dono much Anglo-Jap-vertising

But I do know that I love egg
And if I could fold as well both pant legs,

What a Household Bizarre this would be.

Anonymous said...

ahhahah that song is brilliant!

Has anyone else noticed Randy's impressive samurai stance in that picture??