Wednesday, December 14, 2005

We Don't Even Use Ushers!

Praise for The Beard of Avon is still pouring in day by day. Apparently the show was awarded the Usher's Favorite Show Award for the month of November. The details can be found at Potomac Stages Daily News Page. I should clarify and say that we tied with a certain other Shakepeare production in town for the honor. I won't tell you who but their show in Pig Latin would be Omedeycay ofay Orerrays at the Akespeareshay Eaterthay staring my good friend Arnimay Enningpay . Potomac Stages had already made us a pick with a fantastic review in October and now this is really too much!

It reminds of what all of us at Rorschach continue to tell ourselves on a fairly regular basis, the work no matter how much money you have or don't have to throw at it will shine through.

This is all the more gratifying when you consider that we don't even use ushers at our performances. Relying on the odd actor, designer or board member who happens to wander by to point people towards the restrooms.

Congratulations everyone and thank you Ushers!


Anonymous said...

do we get a trophy? on the website there is a picture of a trophy. i want my trophy.


DCepticon said...

I think they give the trophy to the show of the year. And we are up against Urine Town.

Anonymous said...

i think the trophy should go to the winner of the battle of the curtain speeches.

Anonymous said...

i would be more concerned about Take Me Out than Urinetown. potty humor is great, but everyone loves an onstage shower scene.

Anonymous said...

I'll make a trophy for the curtain speech winner...who did it end up being?

"I'm contractually obligated to wear these devil horns. Not that they have anything to do with the play..."

DCepticon said...

Yeah. I kind of felt Karl threw the curtain speech battle. I am not sure his heart was in it. Karl any response?