Wednesday, December 14, 2005


This is Rahaleh. Rahaleh was abducted and taken to Mexico.

I for one am relieved that the prayers of a small theater company in Washington, DC could bring our little girl home.

I am reminded of
Mel Gibson before he went crazy in the film Ransom. His character Tom Mullen said these words and they are as true now as they were in 1996:

The whole world now knows... my son, Sean Mullen, was kidnapped, for ransom, three days ago. This is a recent photograph of him. Sean, if you're watching, we love you. And this... well, this is what waits for the man that took him. This is your ransom. Two million dollars in unmarked bills, just like you wanted. But this is as close as you'll ever get to it. You'll never see one dollar of this money, because no ransom will ever be paid for my son. Not one dime, not one penny. Instead, I'm offering this money as a reward on your head. Dead or alive, it doesn't matter. So congratulations, you've just become a two million dollar lottery ticket... except the odds are much, much better. Do you know anyone that wouldn't turn you in for two million dollars? I don't think you do. I doubt it. So wherever you go and whatever you do, this money will be tracking you down for all time. And to ensure that it does, to keep interest alive, I'm running a full-page ad in every major newspaper every Sunday... for as long as it takes. But... and this is your last chance... you return my son, alive, uninjured, I'll withdraw the bounty. With any luck you can simply disappear. Understand... you will never see this money. Not one dollar. So you still have a chance to do the right thing. If you don't, well, then, God be with you, because nobody else on this Earth will be.

I think we can all agree with those sentiments. Rahaleh, I for one am glad you are back. But if you had any fun on your little vacation, I will hunt you down. Cheers!

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Anonymous said...

Did you know that the little kid in that movie is Nick Nolte's son? Apparently, for the scene in which he was supposed to cry, they were having a rough time getting the right shots/performances. So supposedly, Nolte went over to his kid at the break and was like, "Imagine I was DEAD." The kid started crying. Roll tape. p.s. Mel Gibson is crazy. So is Tom Cruise. Take THAT ex-girlfriends!