Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The Cast Part I

This week I have mentioned a little about the cast of Fair Ladies at a Game of Poem Cards. Little tidbits about Rahaleh turning the cast against me and Patrick and I spending way to much time together for two men not in a relationship. (That was for you Jordan.)

I thought it might be fun to run down my current relationship with some of the cast. Tomorrow I will run down those people I have never worked with before and create some kind of warped reality that will entertain and instruct.

Rahaleh Nassri - The Empress - Rahaleh and I are working on our third show together. Previously we appeared in The Illusion and The Scarlet Letter together for Rorschach and I have to say, she is one of my favorite people. Granted she can tell a lie like nobody's business, but is it really a lie if everyone knows you are telling it. If anyone in the cast threatens my supremacy it will be Rahaleh. She has also been receiving threatening telegrams lately, but more about that soon.

Yasmin Tuazon - Lady Tonase - Yasmin drove me home last night and we were screaming along with They Might Be Giants. It was Flood so it was the stuff most non-fans know, Bird House in Your Soul and Istanbul. Yasmin and I have done three shows previous to this one. Two for Rorschach, The Illusion and God of Vengeance and one for the now vanished Project Y, In the Boom Boom Room. This time around Yasmin is playing my sister, I hate it when I am attracted to a sibling.

Paul McLane - Katsuyori - Paul is the rock in the play as far as I am concerned. He Rahaleh and I did The Scarlet Letter together earlier this year and I am looking forward to working with him again. I just hope he feels the same way. I tend to steal his crossword puzzles and randomly fill in letters. Is that wrong?

Al Twanmo - Lord Shigimori - Al or Big Al as he was carefully explaining to a captivated audience two nights ago is a hoot and three quarters as far as I am concerned. He returns to Rorschach where he last appeared in After the Flood, he actually got to be seen on stage unlike some of us. He also had to learn to speak passable
Bahasa for his role and I just spoke with a bad french accent.

Patrick Bussink - Takiguchi - Bussink, Trick, Tricky, Patty, Patty Patty Foo Foo, the man the myth the legend. Patrick and I are just now wrapping up The Beard of Avon together this weekend (tickets still available by the way) and have been friends since we toured together in Cyrano and Twelfth Night with The National Players out of Olney. Patrick is a good egg and he and I look great together on stage. He has been called a versatile chameleon by the Washington Post but I think of him more as a gecko.

Gwen Grastorf - Kojiju - Gwen is leaving the world of sound board op for The Beard of Avon to trod the boards as a 14 year old girl. She tends to hit but I have never seen her bite. Apparently she has seen every Rorschach show since her friend Kurt Chang did Accidental Death of an Anarchist last year. Tall and blond some times she makes me think I am at the Shakespeare Theater.

Tomorrow the newbies.

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Agent X said...

I would like to add that Rahaleh is single-handedly responsible for my addiction to Jamba Juice.

Everyday during The Illusion, she would bring an Orange Berry Blitz. I would have a sip. Then maybe another. By the end of the run she just bought larger sizes so there would be enough for both of us. I don't know whether that was simple, silent generosity, or if maybe she had stock in Jamba Juice and wanted to be my dealer or something.

However, since it's a damn sight colder for this production, I would like Rahaleh to know that I'm really into green tea and Vietnamese coffee right now.