Friday, December 09, 2005

Third of Three: Reaction to a Kidnapping

Reaction has been pouring in from around the world to the apparent abduction of Rorschach Artitic Partner, Rahaleh Nassri.

Jenny McConnell Frederick had this to say:
"I tried to warn her, running with a crowd like that would get her into trouble..."

Randy Baker had this to say:
“She’s gone?”

Such sentiments have been coming in from nearly everyone who knows Rahaleh. The guy who sells her her Jamba Juice said sales have plummeted.

Once again if you have any information regarding this horrible impediment to production on Fair Ladies at a Game of Poem Cards going forward please email the blog. It might also be nice if somebody said something nice about Rahaleh, before she comes back on Monday.

Please note the additional photos of the apparent suspects. Sorry folks even I will admit this is a lame entry but I am getting so very tired. And by the way Saturday night is now officially sold out for The Beard of Avon. You might try coming tonight but I make no guarantees.

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Anonymous said...

That guy-the suspect-whatever- The short one with Texas hair. I know him. He jacked a car in Detroit. I booked him. That dude's bad news. R doesn't have a chance. Pity. She was a real looker.