Friday, December 23, 2005

Naughty and Nice List-Serve

We had our first run-through of the show on Wednesday night. I may have mentioned during The Beard of Avon that the design run is the first chance for the director and designers to see the show from beginning to end. Each scene has been blocked to one degree or another and now the actors begin to string scene to scene like a string of round pale white precious beads that will give the character those magic words of arc and journey. And for the most part the show held together well enough for a first run-through. That being said there is always a lot of work to do and there is never enough time to do it all during rehearsal. Lines have to be learned and blocking rehearsed in order for the show to come to life. I have said that there is a there there before and I think that we are very near the neighborhood of there right now. We have the cast we have the design and we have the direction to create a Japanese samurai play of not just poetic beauty but also to be damn funny.

And after that piece of company propaganda I here present the first annual Naughty and Nice List for Rorschach Theatre. Please remember I love nearly all people and only dislike based on conspiracy theories I have created for myself to explain why the world works in a (excuse my French) such a cruddy way. This list does not judge as much as entertain. Well entertain me at least.

Naughty and Nice 2005

Naughty: Any theater that puts up a blog that continues to post day after day about the blocking and how many pages of the script they got through. Come on give me the good stuff, like how they had to quietly fire someone. And for God sake if you are going to be on the internet try and make me laugh for God's sake, Not just put up the head shots of three blond actresses or using the college intern to write the entry when you are too busy.

Nice: Val Fenton. Her warmth and grace serve as a model to anyone in the future who should happen to play Grady's wife.

Naughty: As always anyone who thinks that theater around Christmas should involve elves, spirits of Christmas Past, Present or Future or dancing sugar plums or fruit of any sort. Go out there and see something dark around Christmas it will make you feel better about your own life.

Nice: My bosses for giving me the Red Skin's tickets this weekend. Go Skins!

Naughty: Tim Getman. Just look at him!

Nice: Arthur Miller and August Wilson. I for one will miss both of your righteous outrage on stage. God Bless the pinkos and the rabble rousers other wise what is the point of doing theater. Besides Arthur Miller was married to Marilyn Monroe, talk about the nerd getting the girl.

Naughty: The guy who decided it was alright to listen in on my phone conversations without a warrant. I know you guys want to keep me safe but come on all I use my phone for is to call out for pizza.

Nice: Finally the casts of both The Beard of Avon and Fair Ladies. For some reason you guys just make me feel jolly. And that is not a word a stockily built man uses easily this time of year.

See you all Tuesday and cast and crew send me an essay on what you did on Christmas Break and we will post them.

Happy Holidays Folks.


Anonymous said...

I suppose it would be hard never to think any naughty thoughts...we all have them time to time, it's just depends on how much energy we put into them. To see some pretty naughty thoughts about some of the celebrities from 2005, check out:

They have a vote going on for the Top 10 Celebrity Nice & Naughty List...check out the audio on the front page also, hilarious!

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Regarding your first naughty...I don't think that Signature's blog is going after the same sort of thing that this blog is. Some people enjoy one thing, some another. I enjoy reading the rehearsal journals for Nevermore, and listening to the song previews. As for someone being quietly fired, I believe that to be between Signature Theatre and said person...and no one else. Are we adults or are we gossip hungry theatre trash? I find it quite disrespectful of this site and others like Theaterboy to muck it about. And the way in which you stated "3 blonde actresses" feels contemptuos...they are not just 3 random blondes, they are 3 wonderful actresses discussing the show in which they are in.
Grow up and sniff for dirt some place else.

DCepticon said...

First off to the anonymous person who posted to the Naughty and Nice entry, I will grow up very soon. In the mean time could you please get a sense of humor? I know sometimes its hard to spot someone being sarcastic or wry even, but for those of us who use those muscels on a fairly regular basis it should have been clear. I think it is great that Signature has a blog. I think it is great that Eric takes time out to do what we at Rorschach have been doing for the last several months. I encourage more theater's to this very thing. As to looking for dirt, you know what I never mentioned anything about the situation nor did I bring up where one might find information on said rumor. That was you, bringing up Theaterboy not me. As to the talent of the three blond actresses I agree they are, I was commenting on the fact that there were three pictures on their blog and they were three blond actresses. One final thought though, I am quite proud of the fact that you get to leave a comment on this blog. Signature doesn't seem to have the sort of dialogue you seem to need in your blog. I wonder why that is?