Friday, December 09, 2005

First of Three

I have three posts I want to do today so check back here at regular intervals for updates on my relationship with the rest of the cast and some reactions to Rahaleh's kidnapping.

First though I want to talk about the audience last night for The Beard of Avon. It was like surfing a big wave of laughter. You swim out on your board and ride a big one in and then an even bigger one would come in right behind it and give you a even knarlier ride. It was a sell out and I think the best audience since we opened. No insult to the other audiences that have filled the hall at Casa but this audience was something special.

It was actually a collection of friends, actors and well wishers. I don't like to drop names and I will obviously leave some people out, but special thanks to Danny Ladmirault( God of Vengeance and Acciental Death of an Anarchist), Annie Huston, Cam McGee, Chris Henley, Chris Neibling and Jen Mendenhall. There is something special about doing this show for theater folks. It isn't simply a matter of the fact that they get the jokes because of all the theater history shoved down their throats either. It is because they understand the dream of creating and can appreciate the same things about the show that actors on stage performing do.

There are two performances left and there are still a very few tickets left. If you really want to see the show, get there early and there is a chance to get in to one of our Leaning-Room-Slightly Obscured-Sitting-Under-the-Stairs-or-in-the-Vom seats.

Talk to you in a couple hours about the cast and Rahaleh's disappearance.


Anonymous said...

that's a great picture of wendy

gwen 'at least one comment a day' grastorf

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to point out that there were returners last night as well. So anyone out there who hasn't see the behemoth of avon yet, don't let the greedy ones grab your spot.