Monday, December 12, 2005

Last Show

Let us join together in a moment of appreciation for the all of the men and women that made The Beard of Avon the success that it was. Last two performances were terrific. A thanks to everyone who made this show a success and especially a great cast and crew that should always be priased and this was ours:

By Amy Freed

Directed by Jessica Burgess
Produced by Randy Baker
and Jenny McConnell Frederick

Scenic and Lighting Design

David C. Ghatan*

Props Design and Set Dressing
Elizabeth Baldwin

Costume Design

Jenn Miller

Sound Design
Matthew Frederick*

Original Musical Compositions
Jesse Terrill

Stage Manager
Ellen Houseknecht

Featuring: Austin Bragg, Patrick Bussink, Valerie Fenton, Andrew Jessop, Scott McCormick*, Eric Singdahlsen, Brent Stansell, Grady Weatherford*, Wendy Wilmer

Dramaturgy: Cam Magee
Assistant Lighting Design: Andrew F. Griffin
Fight Choreography: Chris Niebling
Technical Director: Michael Dove
Assistant Stage Manager: Gwen Grastorf
Wigs and Makeup: Gabrielle Vincent

*Rorschach Theatre Resident Company Member


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valamondo said...

What's with the weirdo ghost bubbles in the picture...? I knew that place was haunted! I'm calling Dr. Phil!

Anonymous said...

mad love to the avon cast.

I would like a final recount on the 'friends n' family ticket contest', preferably with another colorful chart?