Tuesday, December 20, 2005

A Night of Progress

Last nights rehearsal was one of those no holds-barred events that makes me proud to be an actor. We made it to the final scene of the play which by coincidence was the final scene that needed to be blocked. There was screaming and laughing, murder and seduction, and people being rolled up in tatami mats. True love finds its way and jealousy and evil are punished. Patrick and I found out that we are going to be having a kick ass fight at the end of the show. I am thinking some heavy duty Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker kind of action on with samurai swords instead of lightsabers. But of course I think that because there is only a tiny layer of coolness which prevents me from being the geek I long to be.

Ghill and Nelina, both agree King Kong made them cry. Paul and Al had a button down shirt fight with pieces of wood battle. Yasmin, Jai and I all got rolled up in a floor mat and one of got dragged around by her feet. Patrick figured out he could get to the 7-11 faster if he rode his bike there and back and he was right. Yasmin brought in these Godiva Chocolates that when you set them in your mouth went off like pop-rocks. Which of course led to a conversation about Mikey, pop-rocks and a can of coke. Gwen went into full ninja mode and scared
Jai, which made me happy because I now know that I can form an alliance with Gwen and be safe from any of Jai's killing attacks, which apparently now number 37, she claims to have learned 3 more over the weekend.

Randy Baker our ever fearless director, continues to come up with inventive and creative uses for the space. He is also giving himself the night off tonight, as the cast will be meeting with the fight choregrapher. We will be practicing bowing, sitting and hopefully kicking some ass samurai style.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

i dont get mentioned? pshaw!

DCepticon said...

Dear Pshaw,
I will mention you next time unless I forget.

Anonymous said...

you should keep in mind
that since I am a ninja
I can be hired.
and you should be aware that my observed actions vis-a-vis a certain lethally trained indian-dancing lady may actually be a diversionary tactic designed to get your guard down...
Just a warning,