Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Wednesday! Already?

Well we tonight we are back at Casa for rehearsals. What challenges will we face tonight as Al, Scott, Paul, Cesar and John Michael all face off in the dreaded putting Yoshitsugu to death scene? Dramatic tension will amp up as the play takes its dark turn towards execution. See the battle for samurai supremacy as Paul and John Michael battle over who gets to sit where! View the dramatic tension build as Scott attempts to recap the show after intermission! Witness the power of Al Twanmo sitting in judgement on some form of stool! And behold the wonder that is Cesar facing his own beheading with his head held high, just long enough so that Al can get a good whack at it with his sword!


Agent X said...

Now see, THAT'S a samurai photo. I think what was missing from our shoot was an electic guitar. And some ninjas. And then like 50 pirates could come in and we could wail on them with this giant power chord, like "Waaaaaaahhhhhhh!" And the pirates would be all like, "whoa," and we'd be like, "yeah, right!" and we'd kick their faces into like a million pieces and then pork some babes.

Anonymous said...

ninjas are so sweet it makes me crap my pants