Friday, December 09, 2005

Second of Three: And the Rest

Here is the remainder of the cast and how they relate to yours truly. Remember I don't know these actors as well as the others so the lies I make up about them are not as thoroughly researched.

Nelina Giridhar- Yokobue - I vaguely worked with Nelina when we were both understudies for Privates in Parade at Studio Theatre. As with all of the women in this show a man could fall in love with her dark hair and dark eyes. Her dad is from India and her mom is from the UP in Michigan, which in my opinion is almost like being Canadian, and we all know how I feel about Canada, so I'll be watching her! That's just a warning Nelina, I am not watching in a creepy way just in a distrustful of all things Maple Leafed sort of way.

Cesar Guadamuz- Yoshitsugu - Some of you may have seen Little Cesar in the recent production of Take Me Out at Studio earlier this year. Cesar laughs easily so that makes him a prime candidate for my friendship. He will be carrying a woman on his back in Act I, but she is a light woman so I don’t think he will have any trouble, given his strapping nature.

Jai Khalsa - Karumo - I sat next to Jai the other night during table work and I have the bruises to prove it. Well I was sitting between Jai and Gwen so not all of the bruises came from Jai, since we have already discussed Gwen's issues with hitting. I believe Jai could kill me if she wanted to. Apparently trained in some form of sword-yoga-Indian Dance Martial Art, when she looks at me I have the feeling she is running through a list of 20 ways she knows to kill a man. And I like the way her nose crinkles up when she laughs.

John Michael McDonald - Moritsugu- John Michael seems to be one of them people who reads. If I was the leader of the free world I might not trust that in a man, but since I am only an actor who thinks he is leader of the free world, I can let it slide. Gwen picked him up for rehearsal the other night and as a reward was treated to a completely home cooked meal of something called quiche. Reads and cooks, well we can't all be perfect, I mean I can't be perfect, John Michael sounds dreamy.

Ghillian Porter - Kohagi - Hi Ghillian! I know she reads the blog because she said I was saucy. I have always thought of myself as more smarmy, but I don't argue with people who are complimenting me (Unless they say I remind them of a young Dom DeLuise). Ghillian is a mystery to me; to be honest most women are a mystery to me. Of course I still have trouble understanding how the Electoral College works, so maybe I am just not that smart. I will probably only see Ghillian after we open since we have not scenes together, but I am really looking forward to stuff.

Well that is the cast and how they relate to me the blogger. Later today I will have more on the kidnapping of an Empress Day 2.


Anonymous said...

woo hoo canadians! you should be very afraid

Anonymous said...

first. i'm canadian too. i'm sure this will only improve our friendship.

second. quiche making ability is one part of the three-part "marry the man today*" skill set.

*this is not to imply that because i was party to the creation of this test that i am wrecklessly employing it myself. or endorse employing it.

DCepticon said...

See Canadia has always had the same fascination for me as other exotic locals you see in fiction, like Narnia, Middle Earth and Skull Island. The fact is I don't think I said anything against Canada in my post, let me check . . . oh yeah the crack about Maple Leafs. Well I don't know what to say but my experiences as a child in a Candian Amusement Park in Quebec have scarred me in a very real way.

Me ten years old walk up to cotton candy stand and there is punk teenager of French Canadian Extraction. I ask politely for some cotton candy. He ask me pink or how do you say blue? It wasn't until later that I realize he was f-ing with me because blue is the same word weather you spell it with an e at the or not. Maybe I just need some Canadian kindness shown to me. I already like the Horse Shoes Falls better than the lame as American side of Niagara so you don't have far to go. Except for the whole hockey thing and Anne Murray. Otherwise we are good.