Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Fight Night Part II

Well my cozy little gnomes and gnomesses. Everyone was at rehearsal last night except Herr Director, who was off accepting delivery of his parents. Welcome to America Mr. and Mrs. Baker.

As I mentioned last night was the night where boys and girls alike picked up swords, learned to sit, stand, bow and walk. Casey Kaleba our fight and movement instructor took us through our paces explaining why we American's move so poorly. Or at least inefficently. We learned to stack our bodies and walk without stomping our feets on the ground. Then the cool stuff went down and the swords came out. There were only two injuries I can report, both of them splinter related as some of the practice swords were in fact made of wood. I will only mention that Cesar was one of the victims and leave it at that (There you go anonymous, I mentioned you.).

There were swords drawn, slashing and hacking. And all of it reminded me how my body just doesn't learn this stuff easily. I will be honest with you all this is going to take a lot of work to master before we open. My plan this weekend is to watch some more samurai films and try and figure this whole thing out and find a wooden stick and practice, practice, practice.

By the end of rehearsal I will say that my walking did feel more natural and less forced. Breathing as always seems to be an important element of this whole thing and sometimes I know I for one just forget to do it. This leads to me passing out a lot more often than I like, but it does in fact serve as a wonderful means of kicking off a conversation. "What? Where am I? Who are you? Why do you have your hands in my pants pockets? I didn't say stop, I just asked why." Ah college!

Tonight will be the first designer run and boy are we excited! You can tell because I used an exclimation mark at the end of that last sentence.


Anonymous said...

Excellent use of Belushi San!

Anonymous said...

You know what's damn crazy! My roommate had me open that can of chick peas for her last night when I got home. Same can/brand/etc. WILD!

Anonymous said...

when was fight night part I? or is this like star wars where part four came out first?

DCepticon said...

This is when you have to remember that a blog has an institutional memory. Look back for Fight Night one where Austin got his ass handed to him by Andrew. Sometimes I will make reference to previous posts and you will have to do the research. Look in the archives on the right side of the screen.

Anonymous said...

That's funny--I was wondering the same thing . . . and I was IN the dang show. How soon we forget.

Anonymous said...

that wasn't meant to be anonymous--'twas me.