Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Catching-Up Issue

On an almost daily basis I am sent items by members of the cast and Rorschach staff regarding the posts and ideas that people have for the blog. Today I will catch-up on some of these items, but first a couple of my own thoughts.

1. There seems to be some concern for Rahaleh's safety and my apprent disregard for her safety. To be clear we received no ransom demands and if we did I am sure we would all chip in a couple of bucks to get her back. I was going to save this for later but I saw Rahaleh last night and other than some traumatic story about the way room service treated her, she seems to be fine. Although we all know how these boughts of post-kidnapping stress can sneak-up on you, so if you see her sitting in a corner quietly humming Feliz Navidad to herself it is probably better to leave her alone for a couple of minutes. She promised me she had more photos from her kidnapping to share later.

2. I have been informed by Jai that there are in fact 34 ways a woman can kill a man and she knows 27 of them. Both Rahaleh and I asked "What happen did you miss the last class?" She seemed very sincere when she said it and made a very threatening gesture with her right hand when I asked about number 26. So if I wind up dead it might be someone who is very . . .

Hi Jai good to see you how did you get in here? Me nothing I am just typing. About you? No, just something funny about wigs. You know how I love to write about wigs. Please don't! Oh sweet merciful crap don't!!!! Oh the pain!!! I am feeling very sleepy now. Grandma is that you? Why are you standing next to that brilliant white light? You want me to come to you grandma? You look glorious. No wait for me grandma. Wait for me!

3. I had all of my hair cut off on Sunday and I bought a new hat at Urban Outfitters. I know how cool am I right? Well not very cool at all but what can you do a month shy of 33?

4. John Micheal McDonald one of the talented actors from Fair Ladies did some research:

Halloo, all.

For anyone who hasn't found it already, the narrative version of Fair Ladies, translated by one Asataro Miyamori is at Fair Ladies at a Game of Poem Cards.

It isn't a terrific read, but can be a helpful reference.

As ferrinstance, where Oswald is somewhat unclear with
"Though Master Morihisa's Beautiful flute entranced me for a moment,
Because he told me he is a woman, I had to let him go."

Miyamori is a little more straightforward with:
"Master Morihisa certainly played a very pretty tune on the lute at last year's
mushroom picnic on Mount Kita, but what an effeminate fellow he is!"

It also has footnotes which are handy for explaining some of the Japanese references: Football was one of the stock court amusements. Needless to say it had little in common with that organized form of refined savagery which we find in the west to- day. It was a stately game, played in a costume of which the voluminous trousers formed not the least important item.

Hentsugi is a game in which Chinese characters have a prominent place.

Kaiawasa is a game played with a number of clam shells. Roughly speaking, what constitutes this game is the picking up and fitting together of the two respective sides of the shells from those which have been scattered about. The insides of the shells are painted with coloured illustrations of the fifty-four scenes of The Story of Genji, the greatest work of classical fiction.

John Mike

5. Yasim Tuazon actress and Rorschach Company member contributes this link regarding the Empress to be portrayed in our play Rahaleh. Empress Kenrei-Monin. It is actually quite touching.

Well that is all for right now. But I will try and get some more stuff together real soon.

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