Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Helen Haze

I am a little bleary this morning. Helen Hayes has gone later for me in the past but they were serving such cheap whiskey. I swear to God there was a crow on the label, I haven't seen a crow on a bottle since a very soggy week on Marathon Key Spring Break 1993. And that bottle we ended up giving to a couple of snowbirds in the site next to ours. I am pretty sure I saw them pouring it out as we drove away. I am not saying this to say I was drunk last night I am just saying what I drank gave me a huge headache.

There are lots of places that will tell you who won what last night and for the most part there was nothing that surprised me. That being said the irony of Jenny, Randy and Scott Fortier of Catalyst Theater presenting three design awards last night, which all went to the theater with perhaps the highest production budget in town, was not lost on this audience member. I have said it before _____peare Theat__ spends more on pleather pants in a year than we do on building a set. Listen I know I am impressed when I see a beautiful set. I enjoy seeing a lush tapestry of very expensive fabrics on tall beautiful people as well. But there needs to be some reward for ingenuity. Stretching a penny to make something magical deserves as much credit as stretching 10,000 pennies to make something magical. There needs to be recognition for people, and I am not just talking about Rorschach, who scrape the couple thousand dollars together to put on a show.

That being said I get to watch a run of Bright Room tonight and I have heard that there is some magic going on. I have already told you how impressed I have been by the way the space has been transformed. Tonight I get to watch the lights light it and hear the sound fill it.

Special shout out to everyone who sat in the Rorschach section last night. I was glad to share what I brought with all of you and hope none of you suffered any long term damage. Please remember just because I get up and go out six times during a two hour long awards ceremony doesn't mean I don't enjoy sitting in a dark crowded theater with no leg room with all of you.


The Dougressor said...

Good to see you last night. Was glad to see Jenny, Randy & Fortier presenting an award...though you do bring up a good point: HH has a tendency to highlight the wealthy folks at the big theatres. it's something worth bringing up...and here's your chance:

What are you doing the first Monday in May?

For the past twenty years or so, many of us have been attending the Helen Hayes Awards. This year, the Awards are early. So that leaves the first Monday of May open for a Kitchen Table Discussion that many have asked us to have: The Helen Hayes Awards.

Panelists will include: Helen Hayes Executive Director Linda Levy Grossman, and a range of theatre artists who have a score of nominations and wins among them: scenic designer Jim Kronzer, actor Rick Foucheaux, and Theatre Alliance Artistic Director Jeremy Skidmore. Jane Beard will lead the discussion, and audience participation is encouraged.

You are talking about it in green rooms and tech rooms and living rooms all across town. Come to the Kitchen to share your perspectives about the Awards, and get your questions answered on everything from the nomination process to how the menu gets set for the world's largest cast party.

This Kitchen Table Discussion will take place on Monday, May 1st at the Round House Theatre -- Silver Spring. Doors will open at 6:30pm for light refreshments and conversation. The panel will start promptly at 7:00pm and end at 8:30pm. For your convenience, there are many bars conveniently located nearby for spillover discussion after 8:30.

If you would like to attend PLEASE RSVP ASAP to productionstaff@roundhousetheatre.org. Admission is free.

The Round House Silver Spring is located at 8641 Colesville Rd. Silver Spring, MD 20910 right next to the AFI Theater. Visit www.roundhousetheatre.org for directions.

DCepticon said...

Thanks Melissa.

DCepticon said...
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Agent X said...

Matt looks really pissed.