Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Welcome to the Culture War

Hello everyone and thanks for joining for this late breaking piece of Rorschach News. It's official, our reviw in the Washington Post yesterday, Liberal Use Of Hyperbole, has sparked chatter in the blog world. Specifically the ire of one Mr. Tim Graham. Mr. Graham writes for a convervative media watch group called Newsbusters, they claim to expose and combat liberal media bias. His posting Reagan = Hitler? The Washington Post Likes That Play, contends that the Washington Post once again proves their liberal bias by giving Bright Room a positive review. Mr. Graham says:

Ronald Reagan may now be remembered as one of America's greatest presidents, but the Washington Post is still willing to consider him comparable to mass-murdering dictators.

I encourage everyone to read Mr. Graham's article and especially the resulting comments that follow his article inspired.

Meanwhile Tony Krepel over at ConWebBlog the blog of the ConWebWatch a liberal blog monitoring group shows the spurious nature of Mr. Graham's posting in his post
NewsBusters: Positive Review of Play = Endorsement of Views Contained Therein. Mr. Krepel goes on to say:

To recall a counterexample:
NewsBusters writers and posters have dehumanized journalists and whitewashed terrorist acts. By Graham's example, should we therefore assume that the Media Research Center as a whole endorses those views as well?

Welcome to the world where you can't sneeze without pissing someone off, ladies and gentlemen. I will keep you all up to date if Bright Room stirs up anymore trouble.

I leave you with a final conservative response to the review, this one on something called Curmdgeonly & Skeptical. This blogger has taken the time to create some pretty interesting art work concerning the review. Enjoy his posting
Here's your hyperbole.


Anonymous said...

ahem. wow. i sure hope No Child Left Behind improves the reading comprehension skills of our nation's youth because my monitor can't handle another coffee spit-take like that one.

Anonymous said...

That flamewar made my eyes bleed.

The Deceiver said...

Two thoughts:

1. All's fair, but I'd simply hope that we are left out of any association with the Monolithic Left. Because the Monolithic Left is teh lame, and we aren't in the business of getting people elected to office, thank God.

2. Obviously, nobody tell Grady, or else he won't get any work done this week.

Uhh, yeah. Good night, and good luck.

Anonymous said...

You'd think that review had been in the editorial section, with a big banner saying "the washington post loves and supports reagan-hating tree hugger commies!"

so much anger over there on that blog. I hope they have some tums handy.