Thursday, April 06, 2006

Invite to the Cast and Grady's Response

I know that you all wanted information about the non-company members and what they do and who they are, so I sent an email to everyone in the production:

Hello all,

There have been people demanding some information about the cast and crew of Bright Room on the blog. Therefore if any of you have any photos or wise words you would like to share about yourself or the experience forward them to me as soon as you can.

If you would like to not have to think and would just answer the following questions it would be a big help as well. This is a shortened form of the profiles we have been running lately.

What follows is Grady Weatherford's answers to the questions I sent. I know you all wanted to hear from people like Cam, Alexander, Katie and Ellen. Well they haven't gotten back to me yet. Hopefully they will have some time soon. Enjoy!

What do you do in Bright Room? (ie: Role, Crew, Direct, Design)

I'm playing one eye' d cameraman, Vealtnik Husz, Lover of Agnes

I'm the multi-media designer, responsible for the filming and editing of all the Zillah interruptions as well as slides in the show.

What has been the coolest thing that has been discovered while working on the play either by you or someone else?

The coolest thing I've discovered is not really cool, but the difference in perspective, balance, and awareness that comes with having only one eye. Tell us something about either your role or your design or how you are helping. The design is dynamic. It's shot in wide screen to give it a cinematic feel, also black and white to make it feel dated. Since the film portion of the design is set in the 80's we are using long shots mixed with the kind of MTV editing that began during that decade. But I want to keep the rest a surprise.

Where have you worked previously?

Roundhouse Theatre, Folger Theatre, Theatre Alliance, Theatre J, Olney Theatre, Project Y, Washington Shakespeare Company, Forum Theatre and Dance

Finish the following sentence: Rahaleh as a director is enjoying playing with models.

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