Friday, April 07, 2006

Cast and Crew on the Verge . . .

Well it took some moderate work on my part but I made the turnip bleed. We got exclusive shots of the cast and crew of Bright Room. Exclusive mostly because no one is really competing with us to run them, but exclusive none the less.

Loyal reader and stage manager of Beard of Avon Ellen writes to us:

ellen said...
I'd like to request pictures of the hot Matt Dunphy!

Well there are two of them here. And the only reason I indulge you is because you showed more than a little leg when called upon by that weird guy who asked for hot shots of the stage management team back in November.

Commentary except where noted is provided by Rahaleh. Enjoy this and on Monday, I will have news on the run-through that is happening tonight and Cam Magee answers my five questions. Remember that next week is tech weekend and pay-what-you-can previews start on the 19th of April which means just 12 days before this thing gets on it feet.

1) Viv, our stage manager, and her new look. If she answers your questions, run it with that. If she doesn't, run it anyway.

Well Viv did answer after a style. She sent me her bio. Here is what Viv says about herself.

Vivian Woodland- Stage Manager- This is Vivian's professional stage management debut. She has recently been serving as Assistant Stage Manager at the Folger Theater (Much Ado About Nothing) and at Theater J (The Disputation) (Central Park West/ Riverside Drive) (There Are No Strangers). Vivian holds a B.A. in Theater from George Mason University.

It is these kinds of details that create a compelling blog entry.

2) Hannah -- Last time we did an indoor Zillah shoot she kept track of the time codes. This time she was promoted to boom operator.

3) Zillah, single-handedly will bring Laura Ashley back in style. Thanks to the genius costumer Frank Labovitz.

4) I make Lindsay cry.

5) I told them to point for the picture. Matt said hefound the answer to question number five: I encourage indication.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, Scott! (And hi, Viv, how've you been lately?)