Monday, April 17, 2006

Tipple Through

Photo contributor and dramaturge Hannah contributes the following pictures of our daring cast from a Friday night rehearsal. There are many ways a director can help a cast to break through and make discoveries about their character. I have not talked to Rahaleh on the subject but I assume that is what is going on here. For the record this did not take place at the theater and all of the cast is at least 21. After that you will see a picture of the nearly completed set and the cast receiving notes during tech on Saturday. I am really excited by this set people, you have to see it in person to understand how great it and all of the tech elements are.

First a note from Hannah.

Hi Scott-

Feel free to use what you would like. Some quick suggested captions:

1. Paulinka and Herr Swetts discover new blocking.

2. Agnes on film - Rahaleh captures Agnes on Film

3. Birthday - We take a break to celebrate Katie's birthday

4. Devil - Matt waits for his entrance

5. Devil2 - Don't get Herr Swetts angry

6. I've Seen Him - Paulinka tells of her encounter with evil

7. Oranges - Baz attempts to comfort Agnes in my hallway

8. TheInternationale - We are having serious thoughts about turning A Bright Room Called Day into a musical.

9. TramandMalek - Matt and Katie explore their subtext.

See you at Helen Hayes


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