Friday, April 28, 2006

One More for My Baby

And before we all go away for the weekend. Couple of quick notes:

Friday and Saturday's shows are almost sold out. I can't say I didn't warn you that this show is going to sell. Reservations for next weekend would be a good idea ladies and gentlemen.

One more review before I close up shop for the week from our friend Missy Frederick at the DCist. Missy says:

. . . it is a play of thoughtful character studies and intriguing moral conflicts, and above all an impressive bit of staging and performance on Rorschach's part. -Missy Frederick- DCist.

Same Ellipsis Rules apply to this review, so visit A Bright Troupe Called Rorschach for more.

Just finished listening to Sarah Vowell's book on tape of her book Assassination Vacation. Great read by the way. She had several guests helping with the voices of various historical figures, including Mr. Tony Kushner as the John Humphrey Noyes founder of the Oneida religious community where presidental assassin Charles J. Guiteau kind of went a little bit crazy. Noyes founded one of America's free love religions and for some reason Guiteau still couldn't get lucky. Just a happy coincidence of Tony showing up in places where you don't expect him. It's also cool to hear Jon Stewart as James Garfield and Conan O'Brien as Jason Todd Lincoln.

Don't miss this show people.

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