Friday, April 21, 2006

PWYC While You Can

To tell you the truth somedays writing in the blog is easier than others. Yesterday's blog entry was the result of a night of fitful sleep and some part of me that wished that I was more directly involved in A Bright Room Called Day. Last night I got a good nights sleep and worked the box office for our second PWYC. I eliminated both of my major points of inspiration in one fell swoop in other words.

Other than three college girls who feined illness after showing up 15 minutes late to the performance last night and left about 15 minutes into act I after asking me how long act I was, I heard nothing but praise. I have a feeling these girls were meeting some sort of class requirement and all they needed was the program from the show to prove that they had come. On the off chance that their professor reads this blog, they did not see the whole show, they showed up late, and one of them was talking way too loud on her cell phone before the show and was making plans to meet a friend around 9 o'clock. I don't really care because the people who stayed all loved the show and we got their $13. But if I could somehow deny them class credit, it would really make my day. So if you are out there and want me to give you a description of the girls involved in this scam, email me.

One more PWYC tonight and then we open tomorrow. I will take plenty of pictures of the people and the crowds. We are sold out and there is already a waiting list so if you need to see the show this weekend please stop by tonight.

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