Wednesday, April 26, 2006


This marks the 200th entry in this here blog since we went live back on September 14th of last year. I spent a good deal of time thinking the best way to mark this land mark. Then part of me realized if this thing goes on forever, I will have to come up with something clever every three or four months to mark these centenaries. So, instead of giving you something half assed I have decided to borrow a page from IMDB and give you some Trivia about Rorschach Theatre. And by Trivia, I of course mean blatant lies. So here is a little factoid about each of Rorschach's 18 shows. Enjoy!

- The Hairy Ape - In an attempt to gain experience for the role of a soot covered stoker, Grady Weatherford signed aboard a tramp steamer for six weeks. He ate, slept and breathed in the belly of the ship, without seeing the light of day for a month and half. Strangely enough the ship never left dock.

-The Rhinoceros - Many people know that this show was done in the abandoned Hechinger's Greenhouse. What they might not know is that that Hechinger's was built on an ancient Native American Burial Ground and that the cast was haunted by angry spirits. Craig T. Nelson actually was called to the theater based on some unfounded rumors that he was an exorcist and not the star of the ABC sitcom, Coach.

- God of Vengeance - The first show done about Jewish pimps and lesbians done in the lobby of the JCC. This would not be repeated until the show Jewish Pimps and Lesbians in the Lobby of the JCC was mounted three months later.

-The Illusion - The only Rorschach show where someone actually lost a limb. Fortunately it was only a fake hand I brought in to show the cast but I really miss that hand.

- JB - An unfortunate printing error reversed the letters of the title on the post cards and led to rather lengthy conversations with confused and disappointed audience members.

- Lord of the Flies - Karl Miller was first cast in this show and then replaced and the was recast in this show 17 times. Which reminds me someone may be packing his bags for New York again if the little birds are telling the truth. That's right rumor has it that Mr. Miller may in fact be playing a disaffected teen again very soon in a city so nice they had to name it twice.

- A Clearing in the Woods - The only show in Rorschach history where nearly every seat was a front row seat. Strangely enough people still found a way to sit in the back row.

- Ubu Roi - The only show Rorschach ever did that made less sense than George Bush's gas plan. Zing! May be that will get us quoted in the Express Blog Section. Seriously who do you have to plagiarize to get excerpted over there.

- Family Stories - Opening Night Party for the show featured the drinking of a plum brandy which may have caused several members of the cast and crew to go temporarily blind. The bottle of brandy was said to have been found on the top shelf with a layer of dust so thick that you needed a chisel to get the bottle free. That apparently is how you know it is good.

- Master and Margarita - Was seen by more people than the moon landing, yet strangely enough I have never met any of them. Everyone who I talk to about the show tells me how sorry they were they missed it.

- After the Flood - No human actors actually appeared in the show. Even the people on stage were highly sophisticated puppets manipulated from above the stage. I still have the Jason Lott puppet and I take him out at parties.

- A Tale of a Tiger - Actually won the Helen Hayes Award that year for Non-Resident Production, but because it was being presented at the Kennedy Center they switched envelopes and the award was given to Marisa Tomei.

- Accidental Death of an Anarchist - May have indirectly contributed to John Kerry's only winning 90% of the vote in Washington, DC during the 2004 Presidential Election.

- The Scarlet Letter - It is Chillingworth not Chillingsworth. See before we did the show I could have sworn it had an "S", but there is no "S." Funny how you pretend to read a book in high school and you some how convince yourself you know something about transcendentalism.

- Behold! - All the charges of cannibalism that were leveled against the cast were later dropped. When asked for comment, all they could say was, "Funny tastes just like soccer player."

- The Beard of Avon - 95% of this show was improvised. The only lines actually scripted were the dramatic pauses.

- Fair Ladies at a Game of Poem Cards - At no time did Morotaka ever sit. This is the one true thing on this list. Due to a tragic stage fall I took 8 years ago, I am unable to bend my left knee back far enough to sit in the traditional Japanese fashion. Also at no point during the show does the Empress ever pull a knife and say "I am going to cut you!"

- A Bright Room Called Day - Rahaleh directed the entire show suspended 12 feet off the floor in a whicker chair. She said she needed the space.

Thanks and here is to the next 200 entries.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of Mr. Witherspoons' method acting approach...i don't know about the Hairy Ape (actually I do...there was a field trip to the zoo in which one of the cast member's dogs lost a small piece of tail..but I digress). I do believe there were tales of him running around the back yard in Berwyn Heights to perfect his rhinocerousness...Wish I'd been there to see that, but the final result was fine work indeed.


Thehairyape said...

true story. I did most of that before rehearsal began, and my neighbors were very happy when I stopped.

The Deceiver said...

I have had the exact same thing happen to me w/r/t Master and Margarita. But you've hit on something that's positively eerie--everyone I meet tells me they never saw the moon landing either!