Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Slow Day

Often I am forced to use my imagination to fill this space. Last night I kept thinking about what to write and the answer never came. Therefore I am running a picture of Lindsay. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Your best post so far.

Anonymous said...

why not run some profiles on people working on the show who are not company members?

DCepticon said...

Because they are one place and I am another. They will get some attention soon and they are always invited to write in. And some of them have. Thank you Mr. or Ms. helpful.

SAS said...

Why don't you run some profiles on someone that maybe you talked to at the bodega up the street once? Why don't you run a profile on your mother's best friend? Why don't you run a profile on your second grade teacher? Why don't you run a profile on the guy that works behind the counter at the 7-11 around the corner? Why don't you run a profile on the woman who once ran box office for a show - she doesn't remember which one but is sure that it was good - who has been to see Rorschach shows whenever she has been able, and who thinks you guys are all very nice, and at least if not always nice, funny and smart?


(I think that sounded snarkier than I intended. My real Rorschach story of the day is that I dreamt about Tim Getman last night. I don't really remember what I dreamed, I don't think it was one of *those* kinds of dreams but, weird, you know? Weird. But then I imagine you guys dream about Tim Getman all the time. Okay. I'll stop now.)

DCepticon said...


None of us dream about TG. The reality is to horrible to contemplate. If you want to answer the ten questions and send a picture for the blog and a couple for me, I would run it in a heart beat.

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