Thursday, April 13, 2006

Postcard Girl

Direct and to the point are words that come to mind about our dear Lindsay Allen's answer to our five questions. As the boys and girls of Bright Room (and even a few men and women I am told) face down this weekend of tech, leading up to Pay-What-You-Can Previews starting Wednesday at 8pm, I am reminded of so many things. Mostly standing around and waiting, but that is because I am an actor. For stage managers, designers and directors this is when things come together.

Lindsay does a lot of heavy lifting on stage for Bright Room. We all have our fingers crossed for her on Monday when they announce the Helen Hayes Awards, Lindsay is up for Best Supporting Actress in a Play for Experiment with an Air Pump for Journeymen. So without further eloquence, Lindsay Allen. Also if anyone has a good caption for the picture to your left of Ellen and Lindsay please post it in comments.


Sorry I forgot to respond to this before. I don't know if these answers are still useful but, here you go:

1. What do you do in Bright Room? (ie: Role, Crew, Direct, Design)

I try not to cry.

2. What has been the coolest thing that has been discovered while working on the play either by you or someone else?

My red shoes that I left backstage during Master & Margarita - almost three years ago. It's like I got new shoes for free.

3. Tell us something about either your role or your design or how you are helping.

I bring in oranges and have go to Weimer via Sweden.

4. Where have you worked previously?

Journeymen Theater, Two Foot Trout/Phoenix Theatre DC, Folger Theater, Woolly Mammoth, Open Circle Theatre, Theater Alliance, Project Y, Longacre Lea Production, Cherry Red Productions, Shenandoah Shakespeare Express, Richmond Shakespeare Festival, Rising Sun Theatre Company and Commonwealth Shakespeare Company.

5. Finish the following sentence: Rahaleh as a director is uncompromising and unwilling to make cuts.

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