Thursday, April 27, 2006

Express Yourself

See it is a weird day when I start using Madonna song titles for blog entries. It is a bit weird day though so who are we to judge. First off I want to apologize to anyone who said the Washington Post was left leaning. I kind of see your point as evidenced by this item that ran in the Express today. The Express for those of you not in DC is the free daily news paper published by The Washington Post. I draw your attention to the play description that runs under the photo of Mr. Strain and Ms. Allen:

GETTING DIMMER: A bunch of lefties - artists, activists annd oddballs - cope with changing political times in Tony Kushner's "A Bright Room Called Day." It's set in Germany before the rise of the Third Reich, but you wouldn't know it for all the parallels to the current state of the States. Rorschach Theatre stages the early work at Casa del Pueblo.

Don't get me wrong because I love my left leaning local news paper, but this editorial choice is much more blatant than anything in Mr. Pressley's review. For the record I couldn't agree more and for shame.

More Reviews coming in today from our friends in the Gay and Lesbian Press. The Washington Blade like the intimate scenes between characters, check out their review entitled Day in the Sun.

Lots more love from Jolene Munch at Metroweekly, her review is entitled Parallel Lives. Here is my favorite bit:

There aren't enough plays that deliver world history with a startling realization that catches in your throat, but Rahaleh Nassri's refined production captures the essence of Kushner's despair with a canny melding of romantic realism and an uncommonly clear vision of German politics. Kushner's eloquence is relayed by an intrepid cast that imbues his story with the kind of rare intelligence and focused energy one would expect from the Broadway stage. Here, on a tiny set with only a few feet dividing actors from audience, theirs are acutely-drawn performances that singe on such a small playing space. - Jolene Munch- Metroweekly

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