Friday, April 28, 2006

RorShock and Awe

Another day and another review. This time it is our friends at the City Paper. Pamela Murray Winters was kind enough to join us on Press Night and her review over all is positive toward the production. Any real issues she has are with Mr. Kushner so I ask that she take them up with him. Here is the good bit:

. . . under Rahaleh Nassri’s deft direction, Allen, a recent Helen Hayes nominee for Journeymen Theater Ensemble’s An Experiment With an Air Pump, ably and sympathetically carries the play, and Alexander Strain’s foppish Baz, who tells a tale of rescue from suicidal despair via sex in the shrubbery, epitomizes the hunger for happiness and pleasure that both informs the struggle against fascism and leads to Agnes’ surrender to it. -Pamela Murray Winters - City Paper

For those of you who understand how press quotes work you know that the Ellipsis (Greek God of Pregnant Pauses) denotes that I left something out. Well if you want to know what it is you will have to go to Curtain Call.

Great house the last two nights. The cast had some interesting stories about the group of 8th graders from Beaver Country Day School. The kids seemed to ride the waves of the show the way few audiences can. With audible reactions of shock and awe. I was told they really enjoyed the devil. When informed of this I mentioned to Randy when haven't 14 year olds been fasinated with the devil.

Other than some small confusion about who actually gave the Curtain Speech last night the show went very well. By the way Karl Miller you gave the best Curtain Speech ever last night.

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