Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Dunphy You Know

This next actor is not someone I know well. I can tell you after seeing him in the run last Friday he is someone with chops. From his communist functionary to his very special character that brings Act One to a creepy if not down right scary end. Matt Dunphy is a tall drink of water and we are glad to welcome him to our happy little family of show folk on Columbia Road, NW.

hello scott,

since ellen requested hot pictures of me, i am responding to your info request. not that i wouldn't have responded anyway. i would've. really. the hot picture request just reminded me. so here we go...

What do you do in Bright Room? (ie: Role, Crew, Direct, Design)

i'm matt. i am playing emil traum, "slightly higher-ranking communist functionary" extraordinaire. and herr gottfried swetts, importer of spanish novelties. herr swetts has a second job too, but you'll have to see the show to find out what it is.

What has been the coolest thing that has been discovered while working on the play either by you or someone else?

i have rediscovered my love for liberal people. i grew up in cambridge, massachusetts, a hot-bed of liberal democratic activity, and during the second day of table work, i actually felt.... conservative. but i'm not. at all. really.

its good to be around vocal, like-minded, opinionated people who have a passion for what they believe. the characters in the play are all people like that, and so is this talented company. it makes for rich rehearsal discussion and discovery.

Tell us something about either your role or your design or how you are helping.

emil traum wants to do rosa malek. and herr swetts, as rahaleh suggested, is "nebbish-ly grand."
Where have you worked previously?

arena stage, folger theatre, imagination stage, journeymen theater, discovery theater at the smithsonian, maryland shakespeare festival.

Finish the following sentence: Rahaleh as a director (and she already spoiled this by using it as a caption) encourages indication.

that was fun.

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